12 Reasons Dogs Are Total Perverts

12 Reasons Dogs Are Total Perverts

1. They have a total foot fetish.

Dogs lick and sniff and adore feet. And they love to chew your shoes. And lick your legs when you step out of the shower.

dog licking feet

Source: Life With Dogs

2. Speaking of the shower…

They will eyeball every inch of your sudsy bod while you’re n00d.

boxer dog in shower

Source: Boxer Forums

3. Not to mention other bathroom activities.

Hey, we watch them poop.


Source: Meme Guy

4. They get up close and personal with dat azzzz…

dogs sniffing butts

Source: Cute Overload

5. …And dat crotch.

dog crotch denim

Source: The Awesome Daily

6. They make no attempt to cover up their boners.

Here comes the lipstick!


Source: NEFAR

7. Some are dominant. Others are submissive.


Source: United Hope

8. They’re frotteurists. (Unfortunately, sometimes consent is not observed.) #PublicHumping

Frotteurism, noun. The paraphiliac practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm by touching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place—–called also frottage.


Source: Rant Lifestyle

9. They’ve got literal sh*t-eating grins.

Hide the litter box.


Source: Huffington Post

10. They have a stockings and underwear fetish.

They’ll steal, chew, hide, and sometimes wear your intimate apparel.

dog with panties

Source: Permanently Low

11. They’re total voyeurs.

Dude, it’s not a threesome.

dog voyeur

Source: Corgnelius


naked doggies

Source: Pets 4 Homes