7 Easy Life Hacks for Toilet Paper and Cardboard Tube

7 Easy Life Hacks for Toilet Paper and Cardboard Tube
We use toilet paper most if not every day, making hacks involving the paper or the roll very useful in daily life.

Fortunately, one recent video shares with us seven tips on how to better utilize the product, or the roll after the paper is done.

1. Keep the dog at bay. Tuck the paper into the inside of the roll.

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2. Put toilet paper into an empty coffee container to keep it dry while camping. You can also cut a hole in the side and the top and bottom to attach a handle then hang it up somewhere.

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3. You’re out of toilet paper but still have paper towels? In an emergency, cut the roll in half. Now you’ve got two rolls.

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4. Take the cardboard tube and put a balloon on top. Load marbles or other objects to shoot them.

5. Use a cardboard roll to help store wrapping paper neatly. Just cut it and use it so the paper doesn’t unroll.

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6. Take about four pieces of toilet paper and place on top of an open tuna can. Light them on fire and it will burn for about 30 minutes.

Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 5.45.20 PM

7. Take a toilet paper roll without the cardboard tube and stuff it into an empty can. Fill it with alcohol. Light it and you’ve got a fire that will last for a while.

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