7 Social Experiment Videos That’ll Change the Way You Think

7 Social Experiment Videos That’ll Change the Way You Think

A woman took to the streets to ask 100 random men whether they would take her home and have sex with her, despite not knowing anything about them.

No, this girl is not lack of love. It’s a social experiment by to see how men respond to sex from strangers, and some reactions are crazy.

In the age of YouTube, social media and tiny cameras, videos of social experiments are growing more common.

And here are the 7 social experiment videos that will change the way you think.

1.Would You Help a Victim of Domestic Abuse?

This couple staged a violent argument along a wooded jogging trail to see how passers-by would respond.

2.Would You Notice Your Own Family If They Were Homeless?

Here’s an intriguing premise. Subjects’ friends and family members dressed as if they were homeless and placed themselves along the subjects’ morning commute. Would you notice your own family if they were homeless?

3.Would You Stop a Man From Taking Advantage of an Intoxicated Woman?

This one is particularly interesting because of how the responses differ depending on people’s perceptions of the woman.

4.Would You React Differently to a Black Man Breaking Into a Car Than a White Man?

Please be warned, the local police use some very salty language when questioning one of these two men about just what he’s up to.

5.Would You Help a Homeless Person Who Fell?

This one is remarkably, sadly simple. A homeless man falls over. A well-dressed man falls over. Who are people more likely to help?

6.Is What Unites Us Stronger Than What Divides Us?

Not every experiment has an unhappy ending. This one is actually pretty affirming. As you probably know, the situation between India and Pakistan is a tense one, so Coca-Cola set out to see just how strong that division was.

As it turns out, the gap between the two nations is nothing an innovative communications portal and an ice cold Coke can’t bridge.

7.Bonus: A Reverse Experiment

To end everything on an up-note, this man had a friend pose as a homeless person asking for cash at a gas station. Anyone who gave him a little extra cash ended up getting their entire tank of gas paid for.