8 Numbers You Should Know About Boxing’s Richest Match

8 Numbers You Should Know About Boxing’s Richest Match

The much-hyped “Fight of the Century” is also the payday of two boxing greats.

Between pay-per-view revenues, ticket sales, television broadcast rights and other cash streams, hundreds of millions of dollars will change hands over the fight, which has been called the most lucrative boxing match ever.

Here’s a breakdown of the record-breaking sums of money changing hands over the historic fight, by the numbers:

$180 Million For Mayweather

The unbeaten champion was named the highest paid athlete of last year by Forbes, but Saturday’s paycheck will likely dwarf even the estimated $105 million he earned from two fights last year. Win or lose, Floyd Mayweather will rake in the lion’s share of the profits from the fight.

$120 Million For Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao reportedly had to take the smaller end of the bargain in order to persuade the undefeated Mayweather to agree to the fight. He will get a 40% cut, which could amount to around $120 million.

$351,000 For StubHub’s Most Expensive Ticket

The most expensive second-hand ticket listed on StubHub costs a whopping $351,000, as of time of writing. And the cheapest ticket listed on the site for any section could be had for $3,837.

$300 Million In Pay-Per-View Revenue

$300 million is expected to made through domestic pay-per-view subscriptions alone, which rights-holders HBO have priced at an unprecedented $100.

$0 To Watch In Mexico

Mexican TV networks Televisa and Azteca have agreed to air the fight for free in Mexico. The country is a major sponsor of the fight, and Tecate is the official beer.

500 Tickets

Only about 500 tickets to the attend the match were reportedly made available to the public and these sold out in less than a minute. The rest of the 16,000 seats were handed out by the various companies that put on the match including the promotion companies, the MGM Grand and HBO and Showtime.

954% Spike In Hotel Bookings

Vegas.com saw a nearly 1000% increase in the number of hotel bookings for May 1st or 2nd in the day after the fight was announced.

$100 Million Gambling Pool

Reports say the gambling winnings hanging in the balance of the fight in the state of Nevada could clock in north of $100 million, making it the most bet-on non-football sports event by far.