Arlo the Cat Breaks the Internet with These Studly Pics

Arlo the Cat Breaks the Internet with These Studly Pics


For reasons that aren’t apparent to humans yet, cat videos and pictures dominate the web for their cuteness and we love them.

First grumpy cat and now studly cat, it seems we can’t get enough of this cat stuff…

Meet Arlo. Otherwise a cat who couldn’t care less for the camera, immediately becomes something of a supermodel cat with his newly stitched sweater for when he wears his new sweater.


If you have furry friends of your own or generally like them you know how cute they can look with the most adorable pet clothes.

Add a little bit of cold weather and it becomes imperative to keep them warm and stylish.

Arlo lives with twitter user @eden_bloor.  Eden knit Arlo a sweater so he can stay warm while the A/C was on in the house.

With the sweater on and the camera on Arlo discouvered his once hidden talent for modeling and Eden shared his pic on twitter.


What started as an innocent share on social media is soon spreading like wildfire.



People are loving this cute cat stud and his natural modeling skills. Let us know if you find Arlo cute.