Buffalo officer in bike lane goes viral

Buffalo officer in bike lane goes viral

A YouTube video of a Buffalo police officer appearing to be double-parked in a bike lane has taken off. The video shows what looks like the officer returning to his vehicle with a pizza box.

The clip has quickly gone viral, with almost 500,000 views in just six days.

There are hundreds of comments, both defending the officer and claiming his actions are an abuse of power.

Several Buffalo cyclists say they side with the latter.

“I don’t think they should be in that lane. When they’re in that lane, we don’t have nowhere to go. We have to go all the way into the middle of the road,” said Buffalo cyclist of 13 years, John York.

James Oguriji told News 4 as both a driver and a biker, he’s against the officer’s actions.

“I don’t think the cop car should be parked on the bike lane because sometimes the road you know is congested and the biker only has that lane,” he said.

Elizabeth Weinrib of Buffalo said she’d be willing to give the officer a break, if there was an emergency. But for a snack, she says? No way.

“I think the cop should not be parked there, especially if he’s just getting pizza,” she said.

News 4 spoke to Buffalo police. They’re aware of the video and are investigating it internally, but wouldn’t comment further.

Ugoriji applauded the biker that captured the video, and says it’s important to be your watchdog.

“This is a technology age so people always have their phones out you know. With everything going with cops being in trouble, in society now, you just have to be equipped for anything,” he said.

You can watch the full YouTube video below. The person who posted wrote in the description, “Just to be clear, the officer was completely cool, respectful, & we each walked away with a better perspective of each other.”