Check Out These Amazing New HoloLens Videos

Check Out These Amazing New HoloLens Videos

Holographic robots and more.

As part of Microsoft’s Build conference this week in San Francisco, the technology giant gave a live demonstration of its futuristic HoloLens technology, which blends virtual and augmented reality.

The demos, captured by GameSpot sister site CNET and published below, are quite impressive. In the first, we see a man in a home environment who taps his finger into thin air to start a video. As he gets up (coffee in hand), the video follows him along the wall. He can even re-size the video player with just his finger.

But it’s not all about just entertainment. Also in the first video, Microsoft outlines some of the potential health and education benefits of HoloLens. Using holograms, doctors could be able to look inside a person’s heart and see its valves. HoloLens has the potential to impact other industries, including engineering, art, chemistry, and paleontology, Microsoft says.

Another Microsoft demo revealed the HoloLens possibilities for robot technology. Microsoft created a robot that’s half real machine, half hologram. The robot, when connected to a person wearing a HoloLens headset, can be given all manner of instructions and is even aware of its surroundings so as not to bump into anything. This is especially important for bigger robots, the likes of which could be used in car manufacturing plants, Microsoft explained.

An extended demo for the HoloLens robot is available below.

HoloLens was announced in January. Outside of a Minecraft tech demo, Microsoft hasn’t announced any games for HoloLens. However, this is an area the company is definitely looking at, and Microsoft even signed a deal with game engine Unity this week to help developers make games for HoloLens.

We also learned this week that Microsoft is planning to bring HoloLens to E3 as part of the company’s wider approach to try something new this year for the major industry show.

For a closer look at HoloLens, check out GameSpot’s image gallery.