Here Are The Top 20 Laziest Countries Of The World

Here Are The Top 20 Laziest Countries Of The World

A scientific journal Lancet released a series of studies – timed with the London Olympics to highlight how inactivity is fast becoming a major health problem. Scientists recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week. But owing to our modern lifestyles, most people don’t end up meeting even these standards.

Whether it is for the climate, political environment or technological advancements, here are the twenty most inactive countries of the world by their ranks.


20. Bhutan: 52.3% inactive

This Buddhist kingdom at the edge of Himalayas is absolutely breath-taking. Anyone here is probably completely taken in with the breath-taking view!


19. South Africa: 52.4% inactive

Right at the tip of Africa, this country sure knows how to play her games! With impressive teams in cricket, football, rugby and more, god knows they’re too tired to work!


18. Ireland: 53.2% inactive

Apparently last year, the average Irish person over 15 years of age drank a whopping 11 litres of pure alcohol. If that doesn’t cause inactivity, I’m not sure what does.


17. Italy: 54.7% inactive

Hey, a long stroll along the banks of Venice don’t count as exercise!


16. Cyprus: 55.4% inactive

This sleepy Mediterranean country likes to take things slow. We aren’t complaining!


15. Turkey: 56.0% inactive

At the cross roads of civilizations, the sense of history on every street is overwhelming. While anyone here knows just how much time can change, they’re probably too overwhelmed to keep up with the momentum.


14. Iraq: 58.4% inactive

Well, this probably has a lot more to do with their situation than anything else. Given that 2012 was the time of the Iraq war, inactivity was probably a smarter thing to do.


13. Namibia: 58.5% inactive

The workshop of some of greatest traditional weapons and fighting implements, Nambia is the antiques collector’s paradise. However the people here are in love with the simple pleasures of music and dance. They sure know how to chill!


12. Dominican Republic: 60.0% inactive

Apparently, the people here have their own term for running late; “Dominican Time”. There’s no real measure of how much this lags behind your watch, but looks like laid back is official attitude here!


11. Japan: 60.2% inactive

With the kind of technology and innovation they have, they probably never even feel the need to get up and do things themselves!


10. Malaysia: 61.4% inactive

A paradise for food lovers, people probably don’t even step out of the restaurants here. I know I wouldn’t!


9. United Arab Emirates: 62.5% inactive

When you have places like Dubai to chill at, who even thinks of activity, right!


8. Great Britain: 63.3% inactive

Our one time colonizers are probably too proper and polite to engage in anything that works up a sweat. Some tea?



7. Kuwait: 64.5% inactive

Their petroleum based economy makes them one of the world’s richest countries. Well, happiness or not, money can sure guarantee that you never have to get up to do your own work!


6. Micronesia: 66.3% inactive

With luxurious beaches and mountains packed with greenery, it’s a wonder people here don’t go for swims and treks more often.


5. Argentina: 68.3% inactive

Looks like the active lifestyle here is for footballers only!


4. Serbia: 68.3% inactive

A significant portion of the country consists of various vineyards and wineries. Need I say more?


3. Saudi Arabia: 68.8% inactive

Considering the fact the heat in India is pretty much killing all urge to step out and be active, I can only imagine what it must be like in a desert country. We get you, Saudi Arabia!


2. Swaziland: 69.0% inactive

One of the world’s last remaining absolute monarchies, Swaziland probably owes it’s inactivity to the political and economic climate more than anything else.


1. Malta: 71.9% inactive

Just look at that picture. Doesn’t it make you want to just lie down and relax already?