Main Reasons Why Jackie Chan Is Definitely Going To Heaven

Main Reasons Why Jackie Chan Is Definitely Going To Heaven

When his time here on Earth comes to an end, there’s no denying that Jackie Chan will go to be with the Lord!

1. He uses his kung fu to protect the weak and disenfranchised.

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Jackie Chan knows how to kick some major butt, but he only uses his talents for the greater good, which makes him a great fit for Heaven.

2. He’s a friend to humans and animals alike.

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Whether he’s sharing a laugh with Hollywood stars like Owen Wilson and Chris Tucker or helping out with animal conservation efforts, Jackie Chan is a friend to all, no matter what their species!

3. He does not expect a reward for his good deeds.

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While he could rightly demand riches and accolades for all the awesome things he does, Jackie Chan fights crime simply because it’s the right thing to do. But treasures beyond his wildest dreams await him beyond the pearly gates.

4. He’s never out carousing.

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Despite his vast fame, chiseled martial-arts body, and boyishly handsome looks, you’ll never see Jackie Chan out there drooling over women like some other Hollywood bozos. Jackie Chan has class for days!

5. You can tell from his bloopers that he’s genuine and kind.

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You just gotta stay for the credits after his movies, because they’re jam-packed with hilarious outtakes where you get to see what he’s really like once the cameras stop rolling. Not only does he seem sincere and likable, but he treats the crew members like equals despite being one of the biggest superstars on Earth!

6. He’s got no patience for drugs.

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Jackie Chan has long used his fame to share the message about the dangers of drugs, and you just know that’s earning him some brownie points up in the Heavenly Kingdom.

7. He just can’t help but smile!

Even when he’s in a karate battle, you can always tell there’s a smile trying to sneak out from behind that tough facade.

8. He REFUSES to say cuss words and he NEVER plays villains.

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Look it up. For his whole career, he’s stood firmly by his morals, and that’s something God and Jesus can really appreciate.

9. He’s pledged half his assets to charity upon his death.

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It’s true! But he won’t need his Earthly fortune anyway once he’s strolling the streets of gold in Heaven.

10. It would just be weird if he didn’t go to Heaven.

Seriously, try imagining Jackie Chan in Hell. It seems so wrong!