Man Bun 2

Man Bun 2

Man Bun

A bun is a hairstyle where the hair in the Man Bun is pulled back from the face, plaited or twisted and wrapped in a circular coil at the back of the head. It can also be wrapped on the back of the neck. You can wear pigtail buns or odango that hung from the buns. Odango is a Japanese name while in China, it is known as “ox horns.”
Odango is an ancient hairstyle that you can use when you wear traditional attire. In China, girls would match their pigtail buns with the boys’ bun. The style was used in ancient China until a time came where the men were forced to adopt shaving their hair and man bun.

Man Bun

Man Bun

The bun is gender neutral and can be used by both ladies and men. The man bun has been used by long-haired men over the years. It is a bun hairstyle exclusive to men. It is also known as the ‘bro bun’ and ‘hipster bun.’ There is the plain bun and braided bun that both look great on men.

How to make a Bun: –

1. Making a Topknot:-

•    Use a hairbrush or comb to untangle your hair. For a straight look brush your hair back and for a messy look, use your hands to make the hair go back.
•    Gather the hair and hold it on top of your head. Ensure there are no loose strands and all the hair is held in place.
•    While still holding the hair, twist it in one direction making it look rope-like. Create a knot-like spiral by wrapping the hair on itself.
•    Wrap a ponytail around the knot ensuring the elastic does not get tangled with the bun but remains flat against the base of your bun.
•    Since the bun stays on top of the head, there is bound to be hair strands on the sides of the bun towards the nape of your neck. Take care of them by pinning them into your hair. Finally, use a hairspray and add any accessories you want.

man bun2

manbun 2

2. Creating a Braided Bun:-

How to make the braided man bun
•    Untangle your hair by brushing it. You can hold all of it or hold part of the hair depending on your preference. If you have very frizzy hair, mist it lightly to dampen it.
•    The good thing about a braided bun is that it can be placed on any part of the head. For a sophisticated look, use a brush to pull the hair back. If you want a relaxed look, smooth your hair using your fingers.
•    Starting at the base of the hair, create a normal braid by separating your hair into three sections and holding one section over the other beginning with the right over the center. Continue with the pattern until the end of the ponytail.
•    Create a bun by wrapping the base of the braid into a spiral shape. Once you get to the end, tuck the hair under the bun and secure the bun using hair pins to stop the hair from falling out.
•    To create a messy look, pull a few strands outside the bun. Coat the hair using hairspray and add any accessories you like. If you want a bohemian look, you can use a headband with the bun as they go well together.



To maintain your man bun, you need to have healthy hair. Consider washing your hair every couple of days to avoid stripping it of the natural oils. You can use dry shampoo for the next couple of days before your next wash.
You should note that a man bun is placed anywhere on the head. It is commonly placed at the lower end of the head. However, for you to successfully wear a man bun, you need to consider the shape of your head and know where the bun best fits. The positioning of the man bun is important for you to achieve the look.
The basic requirements of tying a man bun are having an elastic hairband and your long hair. You start by gathering all the hair on your head and holding it backward with your hands. After you have your hair, you will notice the end looks like a ponytail. That is the part that will form your bun.
The man bun is the best hairstyling decision any man can make whether they go for the plain bun, braided bun or whichever bun. It is a style that can be used in professional and casual places. When looking for a hairstyle that gets better with time, the man bun is a perfect choice.

The man bun.  Like it or hate it, it seems to be here to stay, at least for now.  How did it get here though?  Just who wears them anyway?  Let’s take a look at this trendy hairstyle and find out more.

The man bun seems to have gained momentum over the last five years or so, but not everyone loves the style.  As a matter of fact, when asked about it the overwhelming majority of women give it hearty thumbs down.  They just don’t see it as a very masculine hairstyle.  In point of fact, 58% of women polled simply wouldn’t go out with a guy with a man bun.(Yahoo Beauty: most women hate the man bun, 2017)  That being said, it’s your hair, wear it the way you like it.  Like most trends, it will probably have its day in the sun and eventually fade away into the category of ‘What were we thinking?’  (Remember the mullet?)  While it’s here, you may want to jump on the bandwagon, so, let’s start by answering some questions.

What is a man bun?  While there are several different ways to do a man’s long hair that would qualify as a man bun, it is further divided into multiple categories.

There is the full man bun in which the man’s hair is long all over and is completely pulled up into a bun at the vortex of his head.
The low man bun is similar; it simply rests a little lower on the back of the man’s head.
A top knot is usually smaller and rests on the top of his head.  The top knot uses the hair on the top of the head, while the sides are cut short and left out of the bun.
The undercut is similar to the top knot, but, as the name suggests, the sides are generally shaved or cropped extremely close.  While the placement is similar to the top knot, with the undercut, the hair on top is usually only a tiny ponytail.
Finally, the pineapple; just picture a pineapple with its leaves sticking straight out from the top, and you have a pretty good picture of this variation.  It has a small shoot of hair gathered into a tiny ponytail on the very center of the head (think Alfalfa) while the sides and back are trimmed neatly.
?You may remember seeing the man bun, or a variation thereof, in images of samurai warriors, but we’re not going back that far.  Let’s stick to the more recent past.

When did the man bun become a thing?  It first popped up on our collective radar around 2012.  As of early 2017, it’s still here.  There is still debate about its origins in modern society.

Who wears them anyway?  It’s kind of a chicken and egg kind of thing.  Was it the hipsters who influenced the celebrities or the other way around? We may never know.  In either case, society as a whole has seen the rise of the man bun, to the point that this hairstyle can even be seen in some of the most modest, least hip societies in the nation and world.

Now, let’s get down to the mechanics of it.  How do you actually go about getting your hair into a man bun?  It really isn’t complicated thanks to its messy style.  You’ll need an elastic band or ponytail holder.  You’re welcome to use product, if you’re more comfortable with that, but it isn’t required.

First, gather all of the hair that you plan on putting into the bun with one hand and fashion it into a ponytail (don’t add the elastic just yet).
Next, fold it back on itself.
Now, with the elastic band in your other hand, take it over your folded ponytail all the way to your head and then twist the band.
Then you’ll need to thread your hair through the band once again, but this time stop at the halfway point and wrap the band around the hair there.
Finally, if there is any loose hair, then it should be looped and twisted around the bun in such a way that it stays put.  Once you’ve done it a few times, it will seem like second nature.
Now you know a little more about this trendy hairstyle.  You’ve even been given step by step instructions on how to fashion a man bun of your own. So, why not?  Go ahead and jump on that bandwagon before the parade passes you by.