Met Gala: The Cool History Behind Ariana Rockefeller’s Family Jewels

Met Gala: The Cool History Behind Ariana Rockefeller’s Family Jewels
The socialite arrived at Monday’s fashionable affair in a vibrant self-designed red gown and her family’s precious jewels.

Ariana Rockefeller


At Monday’s Met Gala, fashion designer and John D. Rockefeller‘s great-great-granddaughter Ariana Rockefeller hit the red carpet in a voluminous strapless red gown she designed herself and Ferragamo shoes. To complete her stunning ensemble, she added some shine with her family’ precious jewels. Here, she gives us an up-close look at the diamonds and gems she wore to the “China: Through the Looking Glass”-themed ball.

1. The lemon topaz cocktail ring (left) set in white gold is from Jaipur, India. It was a gift from Rockefeller’s grandfather while they were traveling together in 2011.

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2. The golden yellow marquise diamond earrings (right) were designed by Raymond Yard. They were originally a gift from the socialite’s grandfather, David Rockefeller, to her grandmother Peggy, and were later gifted to the 32-year-old in 1996. Rockefeller’s great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller Jr., was a loyal client of Raymond Yard and in 1922 encouraged him to open his own firm and reccomended him to friends and family.

3. A diamond necklace with 132 round-cut diamonds (left) was an anniversary gift from Rockefeller’s father, David Rockefeller Jr., to her mother, Diana. It was then gifted to the socialite as a wedding present for her marriage to Matthew Bucklin in 2010.

4. A square-cut sapphire and diamond bracelet (right) by Raymond Yard circa 1935, was given by her great-grandfather to her great-grandmother, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. The bracelet was then passed from her grandfather, who gifted it to his wife. Finally, it was passed to her father, who gifted it to Rockefeller’s mother in 1996.