Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

Bodybuilder Injected Arms With Alcohol, Oil, To Look Like Incredible Hulk

BRAZIL – (WFLA) A bodybuilder from Brazil who injected alcohol and oil into his arms so he would look like the Incredible Hulk, would up almost having his arms amputated.

Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, spoke with Barcroft TV about his experience.

The story has gone viral on the web.

“I want other people to see the dangers, I could have died all because I wanted bigger muscles. It’s just not worth it,” he said.

His arms measured 25 inches around when they were at their largest size.

Alves told Barcroft TV that he met men at his gym who had big arms and intoduced him to synthol.

He said giving injections became addictive and he wound up having to use special heavy duty needles that are used on bulls.

“My muscles started to solidify and I couldn’t even inject my arms – they were full of rocks,” he said.

Alves said that doctors eventually decided they did not have to amputate his arms, they could just remove the rock-like formations inside.

by Lara