The World’s Biggest Bunny Rabbit Has a Son…Who Might Just Outgrow Him!

The World’s Biggest Bunny Rabbit Has a Son…Who Might Just Outgrow Him!

Meet Darius. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he’s the world’s biggest bunny rabbit…

For the time being.


Darius, who lives in Worcester, England with his human Annette Edwards, weighs in at a whopping 49 pounds and measures 4 feet, 4 inches long. He’s as big as the neighborhood children and has had scarcely any competition for his coveted title, until now.

Darius officially became the world’s largest Continental Giant in April 2014 when he outgrew the previous champion — his mother, Alice — and it looks like that’s soon to become a family tradition…because his newest challenger is his son, Jeff.


Jeff may be young, but his size is already astounding…

Jeff, who clocks in at 3 feet, 8 inches, still has about 6 months until he reaches his full-grown size, according to Annette, and he’s expected to officially outrank Darius when he does:

Darius was always big but Jeff is huge considering he’s still a baby. I’m expecting him to grow much bigger than his dad.


Although Continental Giants, on average, measure 4 feet, Jeff is the product of big stock: his mother Sally, another Continental Giant, is 3 feet, 5 inches.


This adorable bunny family is so big, in fact, that they sleep in dog crates large enough to hold German Shepherds.


And during the day, they roam the garden and munch on hay, apples, and carrots, eating 2,000 carrots and 700 apples per year. That’s a lot of bunny poop.


This adorable family of bunnies may be enormous, but it’s their playful attitudes (and the size of their hearts) that has made them a worldwide sensation.

by George