Top 10 Stunning Meaningful Tattoos From Celebrities

Top 10 Stunning Meaningful Tattoos From Celebrities

Tattoos are all the rage today, now more than ever before and celebrities have a large hand in attaching the ‘cool’ tag to them.

So with the thousands of celebrity tattoos flashing out there for all to see, here is a list of top 10 meaningful ones with original placements.

10. Alyssa Milano’s Tattoo Fetish

10) Alyssa Milano’s Tattoo Fetish
Alyssa Milano of the Charmed series truly has a tattoo fetish. 

To sum up some of her tattoo work, Alyssa has a winged angel holding a cross on her left ankle. She also has a sacred heart on her lower back, the symbol of ‘Om’ on her left wrist and an ouroboros circle tattoo.

While the former holds significance in the form of her connection to religion, the latter stands for depth of wisdom and unity.

9. Penelope Cruz’s Tattoo Mystery

9) Penelope Cruz’s Tattoo Mystery

Actress Penelope Cruz is no stranger to tattoos either, and there are three distinct and visible tattoos on her person.

The most recent one is a tribal crucifix on her on right hand. Additionally, there is a tiny round tattoo on her left inner wrist as well.

While Penelope chooses not to talk about the significance of any of her tattoos, the mystery of her 883 tattoo .

For all of these years, Penelope has insisted that it is her tattoo and that no one but her is interested in its meaning.

8. Mena Suvari’s Tattooed Life Mantra

8) Mena Suvari’s Tattooed Life Mantra

American Beauty star, Mena Suvari has two prominent tattoos on her body.  

Mena has a large lion head, followed by the words ‘word, sound, power’ right below it, on the back of her neck.

her second tattoo is that of the number 13, right in the middle of her chest.

7. Miley Cyrus’s Dream Catcher

7) Miley Cyrus’s Dream Catcher

Miley Cyrus has a staggering total of 22 tattoos all over her body. 

Her largest and most significant tattoo is that of a four-feathered dream catcher on her right side.

Miley is part Cherokee and hence, believes that her dream catcher will protect her and her four siblings (symbolized by the feathers) while they sleep.

6. Megan Fox’s Tattoo Stunts

6) Megan Fox’s Tattoo Stunts

Some of Megan’s confirmed tattoos read the phrases, ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ on her right shoulder blade, and ‘There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart’ on her left rib cage.

She also has a Marilyn Monroe portrait on her inner right forearm, a five pointed star being overlapped by a crescent moon on her right ankle, the name Brian (her husband) on her right hip bone, a tribal yin and yang tattoo on her left wrist and the Chinese symbol of strength at the back of her neck.

5. Hayden Panettiere’s Real Regret

5) Hayden Panettiere’s Real Regret

Hayden Panettiere has an Italian tattoo inscribed vertically on the side of her rib cage. 

While the body art is beautiful in design, as well as in meaning, it is erroneously spelled.

The Italian phrase ‘Vivere senza rimpianti’ stands for, ‘live with no regrets’ but the young beauty is having to actually live with the meaning of the words, having experienced regret related to the misspelled body art.

4. Victoria Beckham’s Classy Tattoos

4) Victoria Beckham’s Classy Tattoos

Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice has multiple meaningful tattoos on her body.

Her love of original body art is truly on display with her body as a canvas.

The most talked about of her tattoos is a tattoo she shared with her husband.

It is a Hebrew phrase that runs vertically from her neck to her back and reads, “Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haro’eh bashoshanim”.

Literally translated, this means ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’. On her back, Victoria has 5 stars, each symbolizing her family members.

3. Pink’s Tally Of Over 25

3) Pink’s Tally Of Over 25

Pop sensation, Pink has over 25 tattoos.

Most of Pink’s tattoos are a tribute to significant life events and that is why studying each of them is like taking a peek into her private life.

Pink has a Guardian angel back tattoo, which she got during her dark and difficult phase and thought she needed some divine help.

Pink also has a few leg tattoos, namely a large Japanese tribal dragon on the outside of her left thigh, a pair of dog tags honoring her brother and father, attached to a Chinese anklet tattoo on her right ankle and Japanese kanji symbols for good luck and happiness on her right ankle.

2. Kat Von D’s Body As Canvas

2) Kat Von D’s Body As Canvas

Professional tattoo artist and LA Ink star, Kat Von D believes in carrying her art on her body.

The scattering of stars on her face, symbolizes her love for the Motley Crue song ‘Starry eyes’.

The tattoos are also her way of proclaiming to the world that ‘one can be heavily tattooed and still carry oneself in a feminine way’.

Kat even has her love for Beethoven immortalized in the form of his initials inked on her fingers. Supposedly stemming from the name of her first love, Kat also has the letter J tattooed on her ankle.

1. Angelina Jolie’s Chart Topping Tattoos

1) Angelina Jolie’s Chart Topping Tattoos

Angelina Jolie is seriously in love with tattoos and by the look of things, she sure gives a lot of thought to what she wants to get. 

Between her shoulder blades, Angie has the phrase ‘Know Your Rights’ tattooed in Gothic lettering.

The beautiful, cryptic looking tattoo on her left shoulder is actually a Buddhist Pali incantation that is written in the Khmer script of Cambodia.

The tattoo is meant to protect her Cambodian son Maddox from bad luck. The English translation for the tattoo is, ‘May your enemies run far away from you.