You’ll Be SHOCKED! What 6 Months of CrossFit Looks Like

You’ll Be SHOCKED! What 6 Months of CrossFit Looks Like

What would you expect your body to look like in 6 months if you did crossfit 5 days a week straight?
Massive abs, crazy muscles, and a ton of definition?
One woman shares her revealing before and after pictures to share what happened to her body after 1 month and then 6 months of doing CrossFit training consistently for 5 days a week.
But don’t be discouraged as what she shares about herself later on the article is worth every drop of sweat out of you…! Make sure to read till the end.


“And even though sharing these photos of me not quite reaching my goals is a little mortifying, the one thing that makes it easy is to think that someone on their own weight-loss or fitness journey relates to my story, and finds inspiration to keep pushing themselves and celebrate every moment of progress, no matter how small they think it is.” says Jenny from popsugar.


This mother of two is aiming for mean, rock solid, well defined abs.

While its absolutely great to have big goals and to work towards them people generally get discouraged because everyone tends to make it look so easy to get there.

And when you try to implement those same changes and routines into your own life, you find yourself getting discouraged when the results aren’t showing up that you knew you should be seeing by now.

This woman shares her long and REALISTIC transformation journey so you can know what’s it all about and have real-world expectations.

The above picture is taken after working out diligently for 6 months, 5 days a week. Abs aren’t easy.

“When progress doesn’t go as quickly as expected, it can be so damn frustrating. I actually quit CrossFit for a few days after three months. I was pissed that I was getting up at 4:50 a.m. five days a week to go to class, eating clean, and my body wasn’t getting close to where I wanted it to be. I still had my baby belly, and I actually gained weight and my muscles grew. I was thicker all around, and even my sports bras were feeling tighter. WTH!” exclaims Jenny.


At one point the fitness enthusiast even decided to quit as she got frustrated due to the common yet wrongful expectations we all carry about working out and the amount of time it takes.

Lucky her husband was just the support system she needs to keep going and saved the day as he said, “First of all, you look amazing. And I can totally tell you’re getting stronger. But CrossFit isn’t just about what it’s doing to your body, it’s how you feel.”

Thank You awesome husband! ( #awesomehusband ) lol.


Jenny also shares “I just turned 40 years old, and it’s taken me a lifetime and two pregnancies to get my body to this point, so how could I expect everything to change in just six months? Even though I don’t see the physical progress I thought I would in half a year of intense workouts, five days a week, the progress I see in what my body can do is what’s become my focus.

I’ve hit some pretty monumental goals like climbing a 15-foot rope, doing my first strict pull-up, and a handstand push-up, and that feeling of pride has overcome my feelings of insecurity about my flabby, wrinkly baby belly. It’s given me this newfound confidence and inspiration to become even stronger. It feels like for most of my life, I’ve been in a constant battle with myself, to do everything possible to shrink down and take up less space, but I actually like the feeling of taking up more.´


Also see below Jenny’s progress earlier in her transformation journey.

After doing CrossFit for just 1 month the pictures tell all. She does look a little defined than she did before she began but her inner experience makes her victory worth every effort.



After 6 months of strenuous crossfit training:


  1. Below are some of the ways Jenny decribes what’s really changed as a result of her working out for only 1 month.
  • Here are my favorite results of hers:

“Stronger overall: Carry three bags of groceries on each arm from the car to the house? No problem! Lifting heavier weights for just one month made me stronger and more capable of handling life’s challenges. When both kids’ heads accidentally collided when reaching for the same flower, CrossFit mummy power came to the rescue and I could bend down and lift 80 pounds worth of kid without my knees giving out with energy left to kiss both boo-boos! Running feels easier, previously difficult yoga poses like One-Legged Crow are doable, and come Winter, I’m excited to see how CrossFit-strong legs tackle the ski slopes.

  1. Confidence:It wears on you when you spend years thinking about your weight while working hard to change your body and not seeing the results you’re after. Making a change that actually worked was life changing. I feel more confident and am just overall happier. I also realised that I like pushing myself and since CrossFit encourages you to to get stronger every day, I’m embracing this feeling of pride, and it’s inspiring me to keep pushing myself.”



NOW! Is that a sweet tradeoff? I think so.

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