10 Extravagantly Expensive Weddings

10 Extravagantly Expensive Weddings
10 Extravagantly Expensive Weddings

The mention of a wedding creates a thrill in any person; usually weddings are a fun experience where one gets to involve both family and friends. However, what distinguishes an ordinary wedding from an extravagant wedding is the amount of money one is willing to part with to make this day a success. There are many inputs that make a wedding a success and make it be considered as being just ordinary or extra-ordinary such as the gown, venue, entertainment, rings, convoy, sound and lighting, food and even entertainment.

Well, for these people below, this surely must have been the happiest day of their lives considering the millions they had to part with on this day. Think your wedding was something? Well take a look at the weddings below and probably you will re-consider;

10 Extravagantly Expensive Weddings

10.Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman$2 million


This was one wedding described as being lavish. To start with, Christina’s gown was designed by Christian Lacroix at a cost of $80,000. The couple invited 130 guests on a privately hired vineyard and a 14 piece orchestra for their wedding venue. Their interior décor was made of a winter themed tent decorated with beautiful white roses, crystals and silver. Their wedding bands were designed by Stephen Webster from London.

9.Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes$2.2 million


This was another stunning wedding with a lot of extravagance. The couple spent $900,000 to cater for guest’s transportation (airfare) and accommodation. In addition $180,000 was spent on wine as the guests were entertained by a musical performance from Andrea Bocceli.

8.Liza Minnelli and David Gest$3.5 million


This was another wedding in 2002 that got people talking. To start with, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor were among the list of important guests. The couple spent $700,000 on flowers and $40,000 on a 6-foot, 12- tier cake. In addition, the guests were served by over 500 staff.

7.Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky$5 million


They hosted 500 guests where they spent handsomely on security costs for their guests considering Oprah Winfrey was among the VIP guests. Other costs included $600,000 on air-conditioned tents, $200,000 on security and $11,000 on the cake. Their invitation cards were estimated to be at $150 per piece. The bride’s gown was designed by Vera Wang at a cost of $25000.

6.Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin$5 million


This wedding was not just a one day thing, but rather a four day event. It took place in Italy where the guests were treated to a beautiful scenic view of the Italian Rivera. The couple also spent handsomely on the guests’ transportation as they ensured their guests were flown by private jets then taken onto a yatch. In addition the guests were all served with pizza at the reception. What a way to royally treat your guest!! The bride’s gown was embellished with crystals and pearls and cost 2000,000 Euros.

. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries$6 million


Kim is used to the finer things in life and her 72 day wedding just proved that. The flower display on the wedding must have cost a fortune; her three designer dresses were also tastefully and expensively done. In addition to her Diamond Head gear, the wedding remarkable invitations cost $10,000; the cake cost $6,000 while her gown stood at $ 20,000. Regardless of who you are, or what status you hold in the community, this was definitely a wedding to envy. From the guest list, all the way down to the cake, every minor detail was adhered to. In any case, no one would have expected any less from the well-known reality star.

4.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West$12 million


Considering her previous weddings, Kim kardarshian did not disappoint in her recent wedding as she spent every penny to make this wedding memorable. After all, she doesn’t go small on anything. The couple did not disappoint when it came to splashing money on their wedding. Their breakdown was as follows; Wedding venue was came to around $410,000, her Givenchy Couture gown was made at cost of $500,000, balmain heels were around $40,000, flowers came to about $136,000, the cake was made at a cost of $6,800, two private jets were also hired at a cost of $148,000 and Paris hotels for guests was $750 per night. All in all, there was no doubt that money was spent.

3.Prince William and Kate Middleton$34 million


Following his parents footsteps, this was the perfect wedding of the century as cost was never an; $400,000 was spent on Kate’s gown; $800,000 was spent on flowers while $80,000 was spent on the8-floor fruit cake. Well, what of the cost incurred to make the wedding live to millions of people all over the world?

2.Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia$58 million


We all know that no one outdoes Indians when it comes to making weddings memorable, well for this couple, they sure took the day. Vanisha being among the richest men in India lived up to this title, they invited 1000 guests, where the invitations were sent in silver boxes that contained 20 pages that explained the 5-day event in detail. The wedding took place at the 16th century chateau and Versailles and a temporary wooden castle. In addition, more than 100 dishes were served to the guests.

1.Prince Charles and Lady Diana$115 million


It was an all royal affair wedding that was held way back in 1981. Actually, the amount spent on this wedding is more than the annual G.D.P. of some countries. Diana’s gown was embedded with 10,000 pearls and the gown’s tail alone was embedded with 25-foot trail of ivory. Her gown was estimated to cost $13,000. That aside, $600,000 was spent on security costs alone as over 600,000 people gathered to watch this wedding. It consisted of 27 cakes which took over 14 weeks to prepare.

Well, there are the most extravagant weddings, so next time you planning your wedding just make sure every penny is worth it! However, don’t forget that your wedding day should be about you and your loved one. It could be simple, but very intimate. At the end of the day, we can’t all be celebrities. So make your budget, and try to stick to it as much as your can. The only thing we can be sure of is that more outrageously expensive weddings are still to come.