11 beauty hacks you need to know

11 beauty hacks you need to know

We absolutely love life hacks at GLAMOUR. If something simple can make something better and last longer, we’ll subscribe. With this in mind, we got thinking about the millions of ways we could easily improve our beauty regimes. So, after asking the beauty experts and scouring the net we’ve compiled an 11 point cheat sheet to doing your make up better (and faster) than ever before…


  • If you want to contour in a matter of minutes and don’t have time to faff around with multiple products and brushes, just take a shade darker foundation and write the number three starting from your temple, crossing your cheekbone, and swiping down to the inner hollow of your cheeks. It’s the rough guide to flawless bone structure.
  • If you want super soft feet, lather a moisturiser over your foot and put on a pair of socks. Go to bed, wake up and feel that baby soft skin.


  • Rimming your eyes with white eyeliner is a sure way to make them look bigger.


  • To make your eyelash curlers truly reach their potential, blow dry them, then wait a few seconds (we don’t want anyone getting burnt here) and use as normal. The extra heat will really hold those fluttering lashes in place.


  • The key to keeping your lipstick in place is after application, take a tissue, place it over your lips and using a brush, dust translucent powder over it. This will set it and you up for a night on the town.


  • Rub vaseline on your pulse points before you put your fragrance on. It will help it to stay for so much longer.


  • If you have those pesky flyaway hairs when you’re trying to do an oh-so-sleek updo, spray a clean toothbrush with hairspray and comb towards the back of the skull. Viola.
  • Fed up with your hair going static? Run a tumble dryer sheet over it. It will de-static your ‘do  and make your locks smell FRESH.


  • Baking soda is a seriously cheap, seriously effective teeth whitener. Squeeze your toothpaste onto your brush and dip it in a little baking soda, following with your usual oral hygiene routine. You’ll see results instantly. Plus, try putting some of it in a bath – it cleans, clears and soothes dry skin. Or, if you run out of dry shampoo, let it soak up that grease.  Multidimensional.


  • If you want your favourite glossy nail polish to be matte, just add a touch of cornstarch, mix and apply as normal.
  • Feel the need for speed when it comes to drying your mani? Run your fingers under cold water for a quick-dry solution.

By Meriden