16 Superstitions Found Around The World That Are Baffling If You’re Not From The Nation

16 Superstitions Found Around The World That Are Baffling If You’re Not From The Nation

If you ever visit one of these international destinations, remember these cultural superstitions.

1. Russia

Carrying an empty bucket or seeing someone carry one is considered bad luck. This is said to come from the fact that Tsar Alexander II was killed by someone with an empty bucket.

2. Egypt:

Owls are unlucky in Egypt.

3. Turkey

A common superstition in Turkey is that if you chew gum at night, it’s actually rotting flesh.

4. Denmark

People in Denmark hold onto broken dishes all year long and throw the shards at their friends and families houses on New Year’s Eve as a way to bring luck to their friendships.

5. Egypt

Opening and closing a pair of scissors in bad luck in Egypt. It’s also bad luck to leave a pair of scissors open because people believe you’re cutting spirits that linger in the air.

6. China

The word “four” has a very similar sound to the word for “death,” in China. Some buildings don’t have fourth floor because of the supersition.

7. South Korea

A common belief in South Korea is that if you sleep in a closed room with a fan running, it can kill you.

8. Nigeria

In Nigeria, it’s considered back luck to kiss a baby on the lips because they will grow up to become an adult who drools.

9. U.S.

“Witch windows”are a common sight on farmhouses in Vermont. They’re slanted windows that people added to their homes because they believe witches can’t fly through slanted windows.

10. Spain

Tuesday, not Friday, the 13th is bad luck in Spain.

11. Italy

Friday the 17th, not the 13th is a day that’s considered bad luck in Italian culture.

12. India

In India, it’s bad luck to cut your nails on a Tuesday or Saturday. It’s also bad luck to cut them at night.

13. Finland

In Finland, killing a spider means it will rain the next day.

14. The Netherlands

Singing at the dinner table is considered bad luck because you’re singing to the devil for your dinner.

15. Brazil

Leaving your purse or wallet on the floor in Brazil is considered bad luck because you’ll lose your money.

16. Senegal

In Senegal, it’s considered bad luck tell people if you have travel plans because your trip will be ruined.

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