6 Things You Need to Do Again Before You’re Too Old

6 Things You Need to Do Again Before You’re Too Old

There’s more to life than jumping out of an airplane or something.

Bucket lists are fine for keeping track of what you haven’t done yet. There’s no name for this list, and obviously everyone’s will be different, but here are some suggestions to get you going.

1. Make a major life decision, then hastily back out of it

At some point you’re going to have to start carefully plotting your major life decisions, but not yet! While you still can, try to make one more ill-advised choice while ignoring its far-reaching ramifications.

Some suggestions:

Move to new city. Decide it’s way too hot/cold/boring. Move back.

Buy dog. Give dog to parents.

Get engaged. Disengage.

2. Wear a ridiculous costume through a music festival

You can still go to festivals when you’re older, but you definitely can’t go to festivals dressed as a taco when you’re older. At least one more time before it gets weird, you need to experience the sweet joy.

3. Spend three nights in Vegas

A three-night stay is something you just can’t endure after a certain age, a grueling gauntlet of fun that will leave you bruised and battered.

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4. Hook up at a wedding

Have you seen the famous line graph called “The Diminishing Number of Single People at Your Friends’ Weddings?”

5. Eat a large pizza by yourself

This used to be a totally normal part of your existence. But you have to go full-circle again soon, because you never know when “one day” could strike.

6. Join some kind of sports league

Between your schedule and your knees, pretty soon you’re going to have nothing left but golf, and golf is not a sport.