9 Sing-Along Selfies Everyone Loves to Belt Out in The Car

9 Sing-Along Selfies Everyone Loves to Belt Out in The Car

Everyone is guilty of a little car karaoke.

You never have to feel embarrassed – well, as long as your friends aren’t there. Driving and singing is not big, it’s certainly not clever but it sure is entertaining. Here are some songs everyone loves to belt out in the car.

1. The girls from the SketchShe YouTube channel film excellent Queen routine. Extra points for excess boob grabbing.

2. Four Italian ladies have a go at Break Free. Minus points for singing while driving. Naughty.

3. An American cop sings along to Taylor Swift, 31 million people instantly want to be arrested by him.

4. A massive 25 million views for Serebro with their in-car rendition of Mama Lover.

5. Taylor Swift hits back with Greg James in tow.

6. Rixton (yeah, we’ve never heard of them either) ditch the radio in favour of a mobile gig.

7. You didn’t think we would write the list and not include Frozen, did you?

8. Couple interperet “You’re the one That I Want” and score nearly two million views. We don’t condone no-hands driving.

9. You can’t have an in-car sing-along feature without a token Alan Partridge clip.

When you’re safely parked, it’s absolutely a great idea ever.