A Knife That Cuts And Toasts Bread Has Finally Been Invented

A Knife That Cuts And Toasts Bread Has Finally Been Invented

Toast is probably the best and the most simple foods to make and eat. I’m a huge fan of toast. I love buttering a nice slice of perfectly toasted bread that is crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.

When I found out that someone created a knife that could slice AND toast bread all at once, I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. Then I thought about it again and realized that it is probably the most useless thing ever – but people would probably still buy it.

Now you can toast your fingers.

The knife was a DIY project created by Colin Furze who hosts “Furze’s Invention Show” on YouTube. He created the toaster knife when one of his viewers left a comment suggesting that he create one – so he did. And the result was impressive.

It doesn’t look like the perfect piece of toast, but it is impressive nonetheless. I applaud his ingenuity and his enthusiasm for this, but this is probably the most unnecessary invention that we need. The bread we buy at the grocery store is usually sliced and if you do go to a bakery and by an unsliced loaf, they will slice it for you for free. Then all you need to do is pop it in the toaster of oven. The knife just seems to add more manual labor for you. Still, Furze is pretty cool for creating this. If anything, he created a brand new torture device.

Via Daily Dot