Baby Elephant Has An Itch He Can’t Scratch, And It’s Simply Adorable!

Baby Elephant Has An Itch He Can’t Scratch, And It’s Simply Adorable!

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While all baby animals are incredibly cute, there is just something about baby elephants, and we here at LittleThings just can’t seem to get enough of them.

It might be because, even as babies, elephants are rather large, so from their first steps until they become full grown, they walk around a little bit clumsily — making them all the cuter.

Or, it might be the fact that such a big animal can be so sweet and so innocent, as we have seen again and again in videos. Whether they are hiding behind Mom and Dad and need to be be gently coaxed into conquering their fear of crossing the road for the first time, or they are face planting into the ocean while having a little fun, baby elephants never fail to make us smile. And, a lot of the times, makes us laugh pretty hard, too.

The baby elephant in this next video, 8-month-old Navaan, is no stranger to putting on an adorable show for anyone who happens to be around. Rolling in the mud to cool off and scratch his back at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he lives, Navaan continues to put a smile on the faces of all of his caretakers on a daily basis.