Batman v Superman Trailer – Animated Style

Batman v Superman Trailer – Animated Style

The “Batman v Superman” teaser trailer redone in the style of the DC Animated Universe.


There’ve been a lot of hubbub over the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer (or, as it’s written onscreen, emblems over each other) and, true to the way the internet goes these days, very quickly new versions of the trailer popped up with all kinds of different iterations of the same theme, like this Adam West/Christopher Reeve version.

So, when a new one arrived on the ol’ worldwideweb, showing versions of Bats and Supes in their Bruce Timm Animated Universe looks, I assumed it was just going to be clips from those perspective shows and direct-to-video movies hobbled together. But, oh no, friends!

The video by JTS Entertainment is definitely not just existing footage cut together; Editor/Animator/VFX person James Strecker created new images to reflect the trailer for the Zack Snyder movie, while Adam Mullen creates a new score. The voice overs are taken from various DC Animated programs or movies, the best of which being Efrem Zimbalist Jr’s Alfred talking about how he wishes Bruce wouldn’t succumb to vengeance the way he has. It surely took a long time to find all the right quotes for such a thing, but they did a bang-up job of it.

The Animated Universe is by far and away the best iteration of both Batman and Superman that’s ever been put onscreen, in my humble opinion, and this trailer just proves it further, even in the darkest timeline of events.