British tank crushes student driver’s car in Germany

British tank crushes student driver’s car in Germany

LONDON — Starting out on the roads as a student driver is tough, but most don’t expect to encounter a tank.

That’s what faced one unfortunate German teenager on Monday after she pulled out in front of a column of British military tanks in the Lippe district, according to a local police statement.

The 18-year-old, who was driving a Toyota Yaris, was fortunately unharmed in the incident but her car was destroyed by the 62-tonne Challenger 2 tank driven by a 24-year-old British man.


Yaris destroyed.


Police said the driver of the tank was unable to stop in time before it hit the car. The area, which is near Herford and Paderborn British army bases, is used for training exercises.

“Our driving crews go through a very vigorous process before being allowed on the roads and both crews and vehicles are checked regularly,” a British military spokesperson told BBC Newsbeat.

“It is something we do take very, very seriously, especially with beasts of that size travelling on public roads.”

Police said damage to the woman’s car was around €12,000 ($13,350). The tank, meanwhile, came out of the incident unharmed.