Crystal Pepsi Is Making A Triumphant Return From The ’90s

Crystal Pepsi Is Making A Triumphant Return From The ’90s

Everything old is new again as retro is in. Crystal Pepsi, the only reason to drink Pepsi over Coke ever (because it tastes like Pepsi but looks like Sprite!) is returning to wow your senses. And it’s all because of tireless Crystal Pepsi fans who love the drink so much that they’ve been campaigning the soda giant for the beverage’s return since it disappeared back in the 90s. (To be fair, we probably weren’t ready for it then.)

Ad Age reports that the makers of the cola have reached out to competitive eater Kevin Strahle — one of the beverage’s most passionate fans — with the following message on Twitter (which has already been confirmed by a Pepsi spokesperson):

No details yet on when the drink will return, but if you’re one of the dozens of people who’ve been patiently holding your breath to try Pepsi in its most mind-bending form, you may soon be able to discover what it was like to live in the 90s.

I tried Crystal Pepsi once when it was around, and I’ll confirm that it was an experience. Can you imagine what it’s like to be a kid expecting to drink Sprite and getting a mouthful of cola instead? What a time to be alive! Wonder how the guy who tried to drink a 20-year-old bottle of the stuff feels about this.

Via Ad Age