“Dear dads, take the picture,”-270,000 mothers plea for more memories!

“Dear dads, take the picture,”-270,000 mothers plea for more memories!

As women we are notorious for not having our pictures taken until we look just perfect. We mull over and criticize our shots and hit delete out of fear that they will land somewhere on social media where everyone looks absolutely stunning all-the-time!

There is so much pressure for women to look amazing at all times, in every shot, that mothers are actually making the deadliest mistake of not having their candid moments with their children captured!

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Until one mother saw what she was doing. As she scrolled through the photo gallery of her cell phone and realized that while she did a brilliant job of capturing moments of her husband and kids together, there were not a whole lot of pictures of her with her kids and family. She was never in any of them!

Cyndy Gatewood innocently posted about it on Facebook on June 5th as “Dear dads, take the picture,”.

Little did she realize at the moment that her sentiments and fears were shared with a large number of mothers around the world.

That single post is now shared more than 270,000 times with 80,000+ comments.

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“Dear dads, I know you’re holding your phone right now. You probably always have your phone in your hand or at least in your pocket — we all do. Do her a favour and take more pictures,” Gatewood begins, noting that pictures don’t include screenshots of a funny meme you just saw on Twitter. I’m talking about pictures of her. The mother of your children. The love of your life. The one who works so hard with you to hold it all together for your precious family. Take more pictures of her.”

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“And it’s totally my fault,” she admitted. “I’m either always behind the camera, or never want him take a candid picture of me. I always feel like I have to have on makeup or have a good angle because I have a social media mentality. I always assume it will be posted and everyone will see it. But it doesn’t have to be that way”


Cyndy acknowledges and is grateful for the pictures she does have of her kids and her husband, however admits it’s important for both parents to be in pictures with them.


“Dads, if you have a wife like me, one night when she’s laying in bed reading a story to your daughter, whip out your phone and take a picture,” Gatewood plead. “Without warning. Without posing. Just take the picture.”

“When she’s in the kitchen talking to your son about his day, take the picture. If she’s rolling around on the floor with the kids or helping one with their homework, take the picture.”

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Gatewood said that children grow up fast and before you know it, they’ll be packing up their cars and moving off to college.

“Take the picture,” she echoed. “One day she’ll be gone and all the kids have left of her are memories.”

“Take the pictures to show them the love she had for them. Take the pictures so they can always remember how silly she was. Take the pictures so they can see how beautiful she was. It doesn’t matter if she’s in her pyjamas and on day 4 of dry shampoo, please, take the picture.”

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Gatewood’s own mother passed away when she was only 20 years old. And now she treasures the pictures she has of her mom since that’s all she has left to remind her of their love, bond, and time together are her pictures.


So, be sure to insist on having your picture taken with you kids more often because they grow up so fast. Before you know it they have flown the nest and you don’t have many moments captured (everyday and special) to share with them or your grandchildren for that matter…Don’t’ make that mistake. Just say ‘CHEEZ’.


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