Do This If Your Cell Phone Gets Stolen or Lost!

Do This If Your Cell Phone Gets Stolen or Lost!
Do This If Your Cell Phone Gets Stolen or Lost!


I know what you did last summer…

Don’t let that happen to you.

Protect your privacy and information in the sad event your cell phone gets lost or stolen.

But first, STOP killing yourself over it! It can happen to anyone so get over it and start taking steps to protect yourself from what’s already happened and is likely to get in the wrong hands.

Take these steps and secure yourself FAST…

Be 10 steps ahead of the thief by following the steps laid out in this article.


Get Your Line BLOCKED!


Call your cell phone provider right away.

Whoever your provider is make sure to call them ASAP! This will prevent the thief from using your phone for any purpose at all; whether that is to make expensive calls OR text your family or friends pretending to be you and in trouble and getting credit card information.


Your mobile operator will quickly block your line so it cannot be used for any purpose at all without your permission.


This is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones in the horrible event your phone gets lost or stolen. Do this first.



Get Your Handset Blocked


Every cell phone has an IMEI number. What’s yours?

‘Hey, what is an IMEI number?’, you ask.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is what identifies each handset ever made. It’s a 15-figure code that acts like your cell phone’s unique fingerprint.

It would be wise to write down your phone’s IMEI number and save it at home some place safe, perhaps in your drawer so in case you lose your cell phone you will have access to it.

If you are wondering ‘How do I find my cell phone’s IMEI code?’


Follow any of these simple steps to retrieve the IMEI now…

  • Enter *#06# on your phone keypad and the IMEI will be displayed.
  • If you have an iPhone you can also go into your phone’s settings and access it that way.
  • Otherwise, take out the battery and it will be written under the battery
  • On your cell phone bill
  • On the sticker of your cell phone’s original box, it’s usually near the bar code.


Using this IMEI number you can request your provider to BLOCK THE HANDSET altogether.

This will block any and all activities of the handset and make it impossible for the thief to access your phone.


Call 911


You may be thinking I don’t need to go to great lengths by calling the police about losing my cell phone but be adviced that in case there is any illegal act commited and your phone was used, the police can and will approach you.

So if you are 100% sure that your phone was stolen, make sure you report it right away.

And because you were smart enough to keep your handset’s IMEI number in a safe place after reading this article, be sure to provide that to the authorities as well.


Change ALL Your Passwords

phone -stolen5

Each of the steps in this article are essential to make sure that you are well protected if your phone is ever taken from you. So make sure to follow all steps given and you will sleep like a baby at night.

Today we use our phones for practically everything. And when I mean everything, I mean from logging into our social media, reading emails (that have other people’s email addresses as well), to even accessing our mobile banking and transferring money, paying bills, etc.

All this and much more can be in the hands for someone else.

So be smart and change all your passwords ASAP, starting with your online banking password, your PayPal passwords, etc.