How much would it cost to watch Mayweather-Pacquiao live in Vegas?

How much would it cost to watch Mayweather-Pacquiao live in Vegas?

(CNN Philippines) — Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will contest in what is touted to be the richest fight in history at the MGM Grand on May 2 (May 3 PHT).

But amidst all the noise being made about how much money the fighters will make from the fight, how much would it cost for an average Filipino to see the fight of the century live in Las Vegas?

Well, let’s find out.

The fight tickets are some of the most expensive there has ever been, hotels in Las Vegas are filling up and raising rates, bus fares to Vegas have risen, and almost every expense to get to experience the glamour of fight night along the strip has skyrocketed to ridiculous heights.

For those who live in the Philippines, a Pacquiao fight is always a grand occasion and it is no surprise that those who are privileged enough often fly out to wherever the fight is to cheer him on.

This time, though, with the prices being as high as they are, that might be very different.

Going to Vegas to watch the much-awaited showdown will come at a heavy price that will surely knock some out.

In order to get an idea of what that figure might be, let us simulate a “budget trip” from Manila to Las Vegas using rates readily available online.

As we go about this let us assume that we are trying to do everything as cheaply as possible and that only one adult is making the trip, arriving in the U.S. on May 1 and leaving on May 3.


One of the major expenses to consider first is the travel cost that you will incur.

There are many people who get lucky when certain airlines have seat sales and end up striking bargain deals for long haul flights.

For the purpose of this simulation, let us assume that we have to pay the regular amount for the trip.

Flying is the only way to get to the U.S., and in the interest of minimizing the cost and staying true to our “budget trip” we recommend that the traveler make the trip from Manila to Los Angeles first.

We took a look at airlines flying in and out of Los Angeles the day before and after the fight itself and found these options for a round trip ticket as of April 10.

Japanese Airlines – China Southern Airlines $ 1,560 (Php 70,200)

Korean Airlines $ 1,755 (Php 78,975)

Philippine Airlines $ 1,925 (Php 86,625)

Flying economy class on Japanese Airlines and China Southern Airlines for a bargain price of $1,560 (Php 70,200) turns out to be the cheapest way to get to LA from Manila when you take to account the bus schedules to Vegas.

Once in Los Angeles, you can take a bus that travels to Las Vegas at a fraction of the cost compared to another flight to Las Vegas from LAX.

The trip via bus is six hours long, but only costs about $60 (Php 2,700) to get to Las Vegas from L.A.


There are many options for lodging, especially if you happen to have relatives who actually live in and around the Las Vegas area.

For those who don’t have nearby relatives, one may have to look at the many hotels that line the Vegas strip.

The minimum stay at Las Vegas is two nights and to estimate the amount needed for lodging we took a look at 27 different hotels along the strip to get an average figure of $577 (Php 25,965) a night.

For the sake of saving you a longer read, we will highlight three hotels of various star ratings to give you an idea on how they are priced per night.

Monte Carlo Resort $404 (Php 18,180) /night

Delano Las Vegas $ 899 (Php 40,455) /night

The Mirage Hotel and Casino $ 499 (Php 22,455) /night

I’m sure that you might be able to find cheaper deals online, but for the sake of those who aren’t as fortunate let us stick to the average figure of $577 per night on the Vegas strip.

maypac_budget_trip (2).png Mayweather-Pacquiao is bound to be one of the richest fights ever fought, and you’re going to have to shell out a lot if you want to see it live

Fight Tickets

Now we move onto the very reason you are in Las Vegas, the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Let us assume that you turned out to be a very lucky soul and chanced upon a ticket at the price that was announced during the initial joint press conference.

Since we are on a ‘budget,’ we will look at the cheapest tickets.

The price announced at the press conference was $1,500 (Php 67,500) for the cheapest seats in the house.

If you are shocked by the price, you don’t have to worry because when compared to other big money fights this is incredibly expensive.

The $1,500 starting price for Mayweather-Pacquiao far eclipses the cheapest seats for the Pacquiao-Bradley 2 fight at $120 (Php 5,400) and the Mayweather-Maidana bout at $350 (Php 15,750).

It is so expensive that the $1,500 price tag is deemed to be more valuable than the most expensive ticket at Pacquiao-Bradley 2 which was valued at $1,000 (Php 45,000) and only cheaper by a small margin when compared to the $1,600 (Php 72,200) of Mayweather-Maidana.

But let’s try to be realistic, one will most probably get a ticket online through a secondary seller.

If you do opt for this route then according to Forbes.com, you probably will shell out around $4,175 (Php 187,875) to watch the fight in the venue.


After three rounds of heavy spending, we go to the score cards.

Travel – The round trip from Manila to Los Angeles and the bus fare amount to $1,620 (Php 72,900)

Lodging – Two nights along the Vegas strip will end up costing you around $1,154 (Php 51,930)

Ticket – That one ticket bought on the secondary market will set you back $4,175 (Php 187,875)

TOTAL – Minimizing the cost for a trip just for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will cost you around $6,949 (Php 312,705).

This amount does not take into consideration the expenses you will inevitably incur on food, commuting, and whatever else you would like to enjoy on your trip to Vegas.

For those who aren’t so lucky, I’m sure pay-per-view at the comfort of your own home or at an establishment screening the fight wouldn’t be so bad.