Korean style fried chicken wings

Korean style fried chicken wings

Brine of salt, black pepper, garlic, ginger.

I let this sit while I went out for a run. Because I can’t run much farther than 2 miles, I came back home and took a shower and definitely didn’t fap or anything.

Dredged in corn starch.

I don’t know why, but for some reason corn starch had become a “no-no” ingredient to me, like white sugar and MSG. This recipe among others really changed that for me.

Up close view

You can really see how the corn starch absorbs the excess moisture.

First fry.

Medium high heat in a wok. Had about 36 wings, did it in 4 batches of 8, 8 minutes each batch. Drumettes went in first, came out last.

Result of first fry.

Still holding onto a lot of moisture, probably not completely cooked to the bone. Resting and second fry will take care of that.

Let them rest for 15 minutes or so.

They smell awesome. The ginger really comes through.

Second fry!

High heat. Surprisingly not a lot of splatter, likely because a lot of the moisture has already been cooked out from the first fry. Recipe said to do this for about 10 minutes each batch, but I just watched for when they started floating, and fewer bubbles were coming out. Less bubbles, less water vapor.

Ginger honey soy reduction

Also garlic and chili paste. Started with quarter cup of honey, half cup of rice wine vinegar, added soy sauce to taste and for color. Brought it all to a simmer and added minced garlic and ginger. Not too much soy sauce, because as it reduces it will get saltier.

Results of second fry.

Many crisp. Such brown. Wow.

Plating the honey ginger soy wings.

Green onion and fried shallots (the kind you get in a jar from the Asian mart) for garnish.