Learn the Dark Truth Behind This ‘Funny’ Video of a Rescued Bear Walking Like a Human

Learn the Dark Truth Behind This ‘Funny’ Video of a Rescued Bear Walking Like a Human

Seeing animals act like humans is something that we all enjoy. Like when your dog tilts their head and looks at you like “Human, I’m not having your sass today,” or your cat’s meow sounds like they’re trying to talk. We immediately personify these animals and usually think it’s hilarious. This is all in good fun, of course, but sometimes when we’re amused by an animal’s seemingly human-like actions, we don’t always recognize that their bizarre actions may be symptomatic of a serious issue.

The Asiatic Black Bear in this video, for example, has become rather famous due to his propensity for walking on his hind legs like a person; this bear now lives at a rescue center, but his life was not always this easy.

According to the Holiztic Vet, a wildlife veterinarian, the bear was likely kept as a bile bear early on in life. In the bear bile industry, Asiatic Black Bears are taken from the wild and forced to live in “crush cages,” small enclosures that prevent them from moving while the bile fluid from their gallbladders is removed. This fluid is used in Traditional Asian Medicine to help reduce inflammation; it is incredibly popular, but comes at a high cost to the animals.

After living as a bile bear, this animal was probably extremely malnourished. As a result, he has abnormally short hind legs and his head appears awkwardly large.

As to walking on his hind legs, the Holiztic Vet believes this upward stature was likely developed out of a need to beg for his food. Because of his low-weight, his spine is able to support him on two legs.

While the bear is safe now, there are many others like him whose situations are anything but amusing. So while this video might seem cute or funny, it is always important to consider the context.