Life Hacks For Boomers Involving Bandages

Life Hacks For Boomers Involving Bandages

Look in the handbag of any woman over 50 and you will find at least one bandage. It likely first took up residence in there when her kids were small, but through the years, other uses were found. Here are seven midlife life hacks for adhesive bandage strips:

1. Use them to cover the electrical sockets when the toddler grandkids come over.

Of course, socket plugs are best. But a bandage or two taped over the outlet may stop little fingers from exploring as well. Tip: Avoid SpongeBob bandages, which seem to have a magnetic pull on toddler grandkids.

2. Pre-bandage your feet before wearing a pair of new shoes or sandals for the first time.

You know by now that any pair of new shoes will hurt until they are broken in. Skip the blister phase and just pre-bandage. And yes, bandage can be used as a verb, as in “I pre-bandaged my feet today.”

3. Use them to attach your strapless bra to your strapless sundress.

When folded in half, an adhesive bandage strip becomes two-sided sticky tape. What? You thought those dresses stayed in place by themselves? Gravity rules.

4. Use them to convert your bra into a racerback.

Easy-peasy. Just tape the two bra straps together in the back with an adhesive bandage and — voila! — you have a razorback bra for under your racerback tee-shirt. It likely will last for about as long as it takes for you to get where you are going, so bring a spare.

5. Use them for on-the-spot repairs when an arm of your eye glasses snaps off.

While not the most elegant of looks, would you rather wear a pair of taped-together glasses or not be able to read the menu?

6. Use them as nipple patches when you can’t wear a bra.
We didn’t believe this one until we road-tested it. Check the mirror before you leave the house.

7. Use them to cover up broken fingernails.

No need to rush to the manicurist to fix a nail when you can just pretend you sliced your finger.