Music taste reveals a person’s personality type says research

Music taste reveals a person’s personality type says research

Music is one way to reveal a person’s essential nature, and now there’s research to back it up. One’s personality, values, and even age are coherent to his/her musical preference.

After conducting multiple studies, researchers found out that other than the link between a person’s personality type and music taste, their thinking style can also be correlated to the type of music they listen to. According to Science Alert, a study comprising more than 4,000 participants gathered from myPersonality Facebook app, used the empathizing – systemizing theory to determine the intellectual style of a person: empathy being the ability to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings of others and respond to these with appropriate emotions, and systems being the ability to identify the laws that govern how a system works.

The study revealed that those who favor listening to gentle, reflective, sensual, relaxing, and warm music, also the sad and depressing or emotional ones, like R&B, country and folk, soft rock, and jazz, are the empathetic types of people, whilst the systematic ones prefer listening to strong, high energy, tense and positive music, with a high degree of cerebral depth and complexity, like punk and heavy metal.

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Says David Greenberg, a trained jazz saxophonist and one of the authors from the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, these findings can have connotations the music industry. Music Distribution companies can market specific songs to the right audience.

“A lot of money is put into algorithms to choose what music you may want to listen to, for example on Spotify and Apple Music. By knowing an individual’s thinking style, such services might in [the] future [might] be able to fine tune their music recommendations to an individual.”

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The research study was pusblished at PLOS One journal.

So, what type of music do you prefer listening to? Would you choose Norah Jones over Metallica? Or would rather have Concerto in C by Antonio Vivaldi in your iTunes playslist, than Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love?” Type your comments below.

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