Poncho the Adorable Chihuahua gets Harry Potter themed room

Poncho the Adorable Chihuahua gets Harry Potter themed room

She is a retired teacher from Rochelle, Georgia; and you wonder what here superpowers are? Betty McCall can create themed room for her dog – the Chihuahua who has had his paws on this earth for 4 circles of earth around the sun so far.

McCall and Poncho

Betty McCall and her pet Chihuahua Poncho the adorable


To find the perfect place, she emptied out the space below her staircase and then converted it into a room for her tiny dog Poncho. Her nephew who had gone to pay her a visit over the Labour Day holidays first discovered this and put the pictures online to show this amazing appreciation for Poncho the adorable Chihuahua.



Betty McCall and her pet chihuahua – Poncho the adorable


Not only did she give him a space but she furnished his tiny bachelor pad with a tiny dresser, tiny lamp and art and murals (all tiny) on the wall and even a tiny mattress. Yes that’s what you do when you have a the lil adorable under your care.



McCall had only though of putting the dog crate in there and that’s why she left this space under the staircase when she was building her house. But one day, not to long long ago she saw and American brass doll miniature bed at one of the charity stores and an idea lit her mind. She thought this would be a great bed for poncho the adorable and it turned out just so, Poncho loved the new comfy bed.




Her idea had come to fruition but was furthered after she found the tiny dresser that she could fit into Ponchos new space. It was like she was sending her kid to the dorm and wanted everything great for Poncho.



That was just the beginning and it didn’t stop there – McCall and her sister Carol made the miniature lamp, murals and even rug, along with a sombrero. They went further and decorated the walls with a tiny painting of the famous dogs playing poker painting. If that wasn’t enough there is also a place where Poncho – the adorable can sit and it’s a piano themed side table.


poncho-6 poncho-7