Prepare To Be Blown Away By These Awesome Ways To Eat Pizza

Prepare To Be Blown Away By These Awesome Ways To Eat Pizza

There are many people out there who want their pizza just so. If the sauce isn’t this way, or the cheese isn’t that way, or the toppings are too outlandish, it just doesn’t pass for pizza anymore. But I’m here to say that pizza is pizza, no matter how you slice it.

And that goes for these awesome pizza hacks below as well. While dinosaurs can debate all they want about whether or not you should fold a slice, the rest of us can enjoy some of these awesomely inventive ways to eat delicious, cheesy pies.

1. Have it on a stick.

Artisan Bread In Five
Find the recipe here.

2. Eat it as an egg roll.

Menu Musings
See how to make these here.

3. Get the most out of your leftovers with some waffles.

Serious Eats
Check out how to make this crunchy, oozy goodness here.

4. Combine two of your favorite things: pizza and french fries.

Urban Spoon
No recipe needed for this gloriousness.

5. Braid it, bake it, eat it.

Here’s how to make this bad boy.

6. Pigs don’t have to be the only ones in a blanket.

Here’s how to make these pizzas in a blanket.

7. For summer, bust out your pizza in a cone.

Amazon / Pizzacraft

8. Or, take your pies south for some Mexican influence.

All Gold
Find the recipe for these pizza quesadillas here.

9. Everything tastes better in a mason jar, right?

1 Fine Cookie
Here’s how to make this.

10. Make your muffins way more delicious.

Wonder How To
See how to make these pizza bites here.

11. Take comfort food to a new level with this pizza bread pudding.

Spoon University
Check out the recipe here.

12. Or go with a more healthy option.

Apron Strings Blog
Find the recipe for these pizza-stuffed mushrooms here.

13. Pizza x Mini Pizzas

Serious Eats

14. And finally, if you thought dinner rolls couldn’t get better…

You’ll want to try these pizza bread rolls ASAP.

So kickstart your pizza night with some of these tasty pie hacks. There’s no reason to keep eating your slices the same old way every time — especially when there are so many delicious alternatives!

By Bryan