Priest’s Reaction to New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Goes Viral

Priest’s Reaction to New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Goes Viral

The second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens dropped this week. The film is so highly anticipated that box office analysts are already saying it could gross $2 billion in worldwide revenue.

But perhaps no one is more excited to see the film than a Dutch priest named Roderick Venhögen:

Fr. Roderick is the founder and CEO of Star Quest Production Network, an audio and film production company that uses new media to spread the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The priest’s reaction video to the trailer, in which he breathlessly narrates what he sees on screen, went viral this week.

“Oh wow, an X-wing fighter!” Fr. Roderick exclaims as the trailer begins. “Holy cow! Oh my gosh! Darth Vader’s mask!”

With each new reveal, the priest’s face increasingly begins to resemble that of a kid in a candy store. He can hardly contain himself when two familiar characters appear onscreen: “Chewbacca!”

by Daniel Nussbaum