Teacher who lives in her car because she won’t give up her dogs

Teacher who lives in her car because she won’t give up her dogs

A PENNILESS teacher has spent four months living in her sports car in a car park because she will not give up her beloved dogs.

Hillary Barrows

Hillary Barrows in Canterbury in her Alfa Romeo sports car with her pet dogs Robbie and Cleo

Hillary Barrows, 57, returned to Britain  in January after eight years teaching in Europe.She rented a home but failed to find a job and was broke after three weeks.

The council offered her emergency accommodation – on condition she gave up her dogs Robbie and Cleo.

Hillary refused to abandon the pets she rescued in Spain so she moved into her red 20-year-old Alfa Romeo 146 hatchback.

Hillary now lives in the Asda car park in Canterbury, Kent, with her two pets.

Divorcee Hillary said she had no family in England.

Her 89-year-old mother Becky moved to Vancouver, Canada, and the rest of her family has emigrated to New Zealand.

She said: “I drove to Canterbury because the Salvation Army helped me and fed the dogs and there is a public toilet and a shower room I use once a week.”

She said Asda staff took pity on  her, giving her breakfast items and hot water for soup.

Hillary Burrows, 57, who lives in her car in a carpark in Canterbury. See SWNS story SWCAR; A penniless woman has been forced to live in her car in an Asda car park for the last four months ñ because she wonít give up her beloved DOGS. Hillary Barrows, 57, has spent the last 16 weeks living in her 20-year-old Alfa Romeo, after she was refused emergency council accommodation because she would not give up her two dogs Robbie and Cleo. Hillary, who was born in Streatham, London, returned to Kent in January after eight years living and working as a teacher in Europe. During her time away, she worked as an English teacher in Italy, Spain and France.