Things You’re Going To Do If You Didn’t Shower Today

Things You’re Going To Do If You Didn’t Shower Today

Maybe no one will notice …

Hey, very few of us are perfect in our routines. Sometimes we wake up late for work, have to rush out of the house and have no time to do the normally important things, like showering. Oh, you haven’t? Yeeaahhhhh, okay. We believe you.

Well, here are things the rest of us are doing because we didn’t get to shower today.
Wear a hat, beanie, or literally any type of headwear.

Spray your armpits with Febreze.
Though, you know no one really smells like “Clean Linen Swaying In The Breeze,” right?

Rub yourself down with your car’s air freshener.
Yes, because your car smells really great …

Rub a dry towel on your head to get rid of the grease.
Like new!

Over dress to over compensate.
Be quiet, I always dress like this, you just never notice.

Apply makeup. Lots of makeup.
Whether you’re a guy or girl, there’s no such thing as too much cover up.

Avoid your workplace crush.
Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact …

Avoid all people in general.
ALL people.

Nothing, if you don’t count never leaving your bed and watching Netflix.
Which no one counts as doing stuff.

By Rene