This Baby Bulldog Is Mad At His Mom.

This Baby Bulldog Is Mad At His Mom.

Don’t mess with this peeved pup!

Little Bentley the bulldog puppy is frustrated about something, and he’s not afraid to show it. In this video, the tiny 8-week-old bundle of flubber growls adorably as his owner continually asks what is the matter. His reaction shifts between growls of annoyance and whimpers of frustration.

Videos of frustrated bulldog puppies have a special way of improving my day. Just check out this determined little nugget taking his very first steps!

Apparently I’m not the only one who holds this kind of love for these semi-ferocious fatties- the video of Bentley has now garnered over 14 million views since it was first posted three years ago. It just shows how cute bulldog puppies are that even when they’re acting their worst, we can’t get enough!

What’s great about Bentley though is that every once in a while he gives up on being angry and for a few seconds settles into being mopey. And honestly, who hasn’t felt the teensiest bit annoyed when someone can’t stop asking if something is wrong?

Bentley speaks for everyone! Nothing can improve my mood like seeing a puppy acting out. I can only hope I’m in the room the next time Bentley throws a tantrum. Please SHARE this peeved pup if his grumpy growl made your day that much better!

By Stephen