Top 10 Youtube Funny Pranksters

Top 10 Youtube Funny Pranksters

It’s a situation that you’d think most men would gladly welcome: an attractive woman approaching them and then asking if they want sex.

Well that’s what Youtuber Andrea Wendel did with, though it;s just a social experiment, or a prank.

Pranking is the one that definitely shines among all YouTube videos. And there are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube pranksters out there.

So here goes the Top 10 most popular YouTube Pranksters that maybe you should subscribe to.


Video with Most Views: “Holding People’s Hands”

What happens when you try to hold strangers’ hands? Andrew Hales found out.

9.Jack Vale

Video with Most Views: “Farting in an Elevator 4”

Yes, Jack Vale has farted in an elevator more than once. This time, he’s passing gas in the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

8.Mediocre Films

Video with Most Views**: “Black Friday Shopping Prank”

Greg and Ryan ask Target employees to help them find things like “Daddy butter” and an “eye-removal kit.”


Video with Most Views: “Miami Zombie Attack Prank”

Russian prankster Vitaly Zcorovetskiy acts like a zombie and scares everyone in sight. He says he almost got shot pulling the prank.

6.Roman Atwood Pranks

Video with Most Views: “Cops Get Owned!!! Epic Pee Prank”

Jokester Roman Atwood isn’t peeing in public, but it sure looks like he is.

5.Improv Everywhere

Video with Most Views: “Frozen Grand Central”

More than 200 people freeze in place in New York’s busy Grand Central Terminal. Then, they start moving again like nothing happened.

4.Magic of Rahat

Video with Most Views: “Drive Thru Invisible Prank”

Self-proclaimed magician prankster Rahat’s innovative car seat costume tricks fast-food employees into thinking his car is driving itself.

3.Just for Laughs Gags

Video with Most Views: “Sexy Bikini Nun”

A hot blonde in a bikini asks passersby to hold up a blanket and help her change … into a nun costume.

2.NQTV/Rémi Gaillard

Video with Most Views: “Mario Kart”

French YouTube star Rémi Gaillard pulls pranks on the public. In this popular video, he’s riding a go-kart in the street, dressed as Mario.

1.Prank vs. Prank

Video with Most Views: “Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank”
Prankster couple Jeana and Jesse are always trying to outdo each other. This time, Jeana got him pretty good.

In any case you can be sure that these best pranksters will give you a chuckle or two. Best pranks are carried out by pranksters who will usually cross the limits that most people won’t. Pranksters singing or making a fool of themselves on a subway for example, is not something common Joe would want to undertake, but leave it to the best pranksters to start a prank by becoming the part of the act; in that very moment the prankster is not Joe/Jill they are just existing inside that particular act/prank. The reactions, good or bad, of the viewers are not towards the prankster as a person but, for the body that is enacting that prank. With this in mind the prankster can detach himself/herself from any negative responses and this very reason is what would allow a usually shy person to be able to make a fool of themselves for the entertainment of others. Pranksters are best at what they do, sometimes it’s dangerous and we would definitely expect all pranksters to be respectful towards others and keep everyone’s safety in mind.

Nowadays a lot of the pranksters are spending a lot of time and money on making the prank videos look very professional with HD cameras and music and mixers being used to edit the video footage. Prank videos made by these top notch, best pranksters are nothing short of spectacular. A lot of the pranksters nowadays get Millions of views and followers on youtube, facebook, instagram, vimeo etc and other social media platforms. This doesn’t only help rake in 100s of thousands of views for future videos but the best pranksters also end up making a lot of money because platforms like youtube and others end up giving a portion of the money generated from the ads that are served while millions of people watch the pranksters doing the best pranks that they perform. We have heard that some pranksters and comedians are making upwards of $2.5Million dollars per year after they become famous with their pranks and make viewers pee in their pants with laughter.

So get out your cameras and record every moment of your lives, you never know when there is a funny moment that can make you your next million.