Top 10 Guys Every Girl Dates Before Finding “The One”

Top 10 Guys Every Girl Dates Before Finding “The One”
 From a young age, many girls are almost obsessed with the idea of romance.

But before you do you find Mr. Right, you will find plenty of “Mr. Right Now’s” “Mr. What was I Thinking’s” and “Mr. Not for you’s.”

Here are the top 10 typical guys you probably have dated before finding your perfect match.

10. The Playboy

This guy is usually the one taking pictures with his “bitches” and “bottles.”

He will spot you out and make you feel special with his backhanded compliments.

After sexy time is over, he will move on to his next conquest, he will answer your texts with brief and cold responses and will only initiate conversation after 2 am and only on weekends.

This guy will most probably never commit to anything besides his usual table at the club on Friday nights.

9. The Bad Boy

Speaking of things to beware of, The Bad Boy is usually oh so good.

This guy is dangerous, sexy and usually full of crap. You will try to be the girl to change him, don’t.

Guys like this only get serious in their late thirties, if even then. They think being uneducated and unmotivated makes them cool.

8. The Nerd

He will help you with your studies and write your papers for you.

He will parade you around because, let’s face it, you are the hottest girl to ever talk to him, let alone date him. He will be sweet, caring and oh so boring.

In time, you will pass your finals and realize you are not meant to be…maybe next semester you will try again!

7. The Sensitive Guy

He is nice, cute and sensitive, however you are unsure if he has balls.

You will stay with him for a while because he is such a nice guy…and because you haven’t found anyone more appealing.

You will then break his heart, leaving him crushed and alone, and the nicest guy in the world, who never hated anyone, will hate you.

6. The Funny Guy

He usually is not that cute, which makes him feel the need to compensate with an amazing personality.

When your friends meet him, at first they don’t get it, but as the conversation goes one, they start to see what you see in him…a funny guy.

You usually end up hooking up with him after a few drinks when your beer goggles are securely fixed in front of your eyes.

5. The Sweet One

He’s the guy that brings you soup when you’re sick, flowers on a weekly basis and always tells you how beautiful you are.

As much as us ladies claim to want a nice guy, we still need a bit of an asshole.

Although this guy is a sweetheart, he is not challenging enough for a woman with a bitchy edge.

4. The Mama’s Boy

He opens the door for you, holds out your chair and brings you flowers when he picks you up on a first date.

The only problem is that no matter what, you will never be his main priority, because his main priority is his mother.

This guy either still lives at home, or gave his mom his extra key.

On more than one occasion she will walk in on you in a compromising and perhaps embarrassing situation…not fun.

3. The Clinger

He comments on every one of your pictures and sends you daily Snapchats on how you are the most incredible girl.

He knows your friends’ names, pets’ names and all ex-boyfriends within the first 24 hours of knowing your existence.

Although this guy is super harmless you become creeped out and immediately tell him you have a boyfriend.

This doesn’t work, you are stuck with this guy until he finds another victim.

2. The Boring One

He is tall and handsome and you wonder why he is single.

He is educated and sweet so you decide to go on a few dates with him.

You find yourself saying “so…what else” after numerous awkward silences.

He will make some boring girl happy, but you are not boring, nor are you willing to settle for boring.

1. The Unbelievable One

Some things are just too good to be true, and this guy will be one of them.

On paper he has it all – good job, good education, good looks, good family – but he will intimidate the living shit out of you.

You will call him constantly and always be worried he is with another girl.

You will then scare him off and he will eventually get a new girl, a more normal girl.