Top 10 Hot Celebrities With the Biggest All Natural Boobies

Top 10 Hot Celebrities With the Biggest All Natural Boobies

Well, there’s at least one person who didn’t exactly love the Terry Richardson video of Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” dance! And that person? Kate Upton herself.

Since the beginning of mankind, men have been attracted to one thing… or should I rather say two things!

While the advent of silicon surgery has helped some enhance the size of their breasts, there is still no substitute for the real thing. They just bounce around much better than anything that plastic surgery can provide.

So without further ado, here is a list of the Top 10 celebrities with the Biggest Natural Boobs. 

10.Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a supermodel that achieved fame after being featured twice on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s swimsuit edition. She was also one of the original angels of the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. She once underwent a sonogram just to prove that her breasts are all natural.

9.Eva Mendes

Get out! Another Spanish stunner with ‘super scones’…there seems to be a running theme here! Who could forget those Calvin Klein ads Eva did with her all natural ‘nippers’, respect.

8.Jennifer Love Hewitt

We saw Jennifer Love Hewitt grow up, from the time she was in Kids Incorporated, to the time she became a teenager in Party of Five.During that time, Hewitt grew up and her breasts blew up.

How large did it get? Well, while other celebrities are aching to get a boob job to enhance their assets and marketability, Hewitt’s breasts actually had to be altered to make it look smaller. Thankfully, the alteration was done digitally and not physically.

7.Jessica Simpson

Aside from having a killer set of pipes, this country lass is naturally endowed with a gorgeous set of gagas! Yehaaa!

6.Halle Berry 

Aside from the fact that she’s just generally hot all over, Halle also has a mad rack of ‘rockets’ that are totally for real! Who could forget those nude scenes from ‘Swordfish’ or ‘Monster’s Ball’…good on her for getting them out there!

5.Katy Perry

Never has a woman made latex look so good! Katy Perry and her ‘holy hoohas’ are fully real…though it seems that not everyone appreciates them, the folk on Seasame Street recently canned an episode featuring Katy Perry because her Twin Peaks were just too big!

4.Scarlett Johansson

This gal has got it going on…aside from being a seriously good actress, she also has seriously real ‘watermelons’ to match. Will still have no idea why Ryan Reynolds has let this one go?

3.Salma Hayek

This Spanish goddess certainly has quite the pair…and all its all natural. Remember when she was pregnant? Those melons went from massive to MEGA.

2.Sofia Vergara

What’s with hot Spanish ladies and huge hooters?! Sophia certainly isn’t ashamed get her natural ‘girls’ out…whether it’s on award winning TV show ‘Modern Family’ or cruising the red carpet, Sophia’s gals are always on display.

1.Christina Hendricks

The lady is seriously blessed with some super-duper fun bags! The ‘Mad Men’ star is well known for getting her ‘assets’ out on the red carpet, and assures us they’re totes real, “I didn’t get a boob job. It’s who I am. And I’m lucky to be on a show that celebrates it.”