Top 10 Hottest Models in China

Top 10 Hottest Models in China

Bodies that are thin despite their endowments, innocent-looking faces that embody youth, and the allure that we often refer to as sexy.

These 10 women are the Chinese ideal of beauty.

10. Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok, also known as Gaile Lai due to her previous marriage to Leon Lai, is a model and an actress.

9. Sheena Liam

Sheena Liam, or Liam Yue Sheen, is a model, officially.

She won Asia’s Next Top Model in their second season.

8. Kathy Chow

Chow Man Kei, better known as Kathy Chow, is a model turned actress.

She participated in the 1985 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant, a move that enabled her to launch both her modeling and her acting careers.

7. Patina Lin

Patina Lin is both a model and an actress.

With a height of almost 6 feet, this beautiful woman easily garnered the attention of runway fashion managers.

6. Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau got her start in the 2002 Comics Festival ‘Game Girl,’ and soon gained a contract with Slim Beauty boutique.

5. Jennifer Tse

Jennifer Tse, or Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting, is a supermodel that has garnered the attention of high-end marketers for clothing, swim wear, and cosmetics.

4. Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung, born Xiong Dailin is a fashion model and actress.

In 1999, she entered the National Model Competition, where she earned second runner-up.

3. Emma Pei

Emma Pei was born in 1986 and started modeling in 2005.

Also known as Pei Bei, she has appeared in cosmetic advertisements, and participated in several fashion shows, sporting the wares of designers such as Vera Wang and Christian Dior.

2. Du Juan

Du Juan is a fashion model, actress, and dancer.

She started out studying to be a professional ballerina, but her height kept her from moving forward with that career.

1. Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling is a model and actress, who has many credits to her name, and has been the recipient of many awards.