Top 10 Most Pets Choices For Your Children

Top 10 Most Pets Choices For Your Children

It is never easy choosing the right pet for you.

There are many different kinds of animals and insects that you can consider as a pet.

When it comes to your children’s safety, it is best that you chose the top 10 friendliest pets available.

10. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are the most underrated pets; people tend to forget that this animal is very friendly and require less maintenance.

Guinea Pigs are not fragile animals, but if your kid will intentionally harm or throw them just for innocent laughs, then there is a chance that your pig might meet its end.

9. Ferrets

This animal is very energetic when it is awake but is also a heavy sleeper.

What’s good about having this kind of animal as a pet is that, as long as they are fed well and paid more attention by their young masters, they can be held anytime and they will not bite or cause any harm.

8. Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats are considered to be some of the friendliest pets that are also good for children.

These animals do not mind a human’s touch and they will never run away as long as they are fed well and frequently held.

7. Hamsters

This animal is also very friendly to kids and will not bite as long as get one in its baby stage.

If you have a hamster that is already fully grown, make sure to pet it as frequently as possible so that it will get used to a human touch and soon enough, it will allow your children to touch them without harming your child.

6. Box Turtles

Considered to be the top 3 of the 10 most popular pets in animal discovery, Box Turtles will be a perfect pet for children who are below 8 years of age since this animal could not ran fast and it can protect itself in case if the child will innocently inflict pain to them.

5. Geckos

This reptile is naturally shy and takes a while to socialize with your children.

What’s good about having one as a pet is that once they are used to a human’s touch, they will explore the hand that holds it without inflicting any harm.

4. Fish

Having a fish as a pet for your children will be more of a visual experience rather than hands on.

Fish will require more attention since you will need to clean and change their water regularly.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits can be fun pet as long as your children will pay more attention to them on a regular basis in order for them not to be shy.

Since rabbits are the shy type, expect them not to socialize with your kids immediately. Once they do, your child can carry them wherever they go.

2. Cats

Cats are very friendly once they are used to the human touch. The more you pet them, the less likely your children will get scratched by their claws.

1. Dogs

Dogs are very loyal to their masters, as long as they are fed well, groomed properly and they enjoy the company of their master on a regular basis.

These canines will always be a man’s best friend.