Top 10 Most Unique & Unusual Celebrity Pets

Top 10 Most Unique & Unusual Celebrity Pets

Long gone are the days when human being was content with the dog, cat or horse that he owned as pets. 

These days, the ever-growing trend is to own the rarest, enviable and the most exotic pets.

10.Reese Witherspoon – Miniature Donkey

Reese Witherspoon – Miniature DonkeyReese Witherspoon – Miniature Donkey

Reese Witherspoon is a bit of an animal lover and has recently added two miniature donkeys to her collection. The actual breed are called Donks and the actress as named her two new pets Honky and Tonky.

They will of course be joining Reese’s other pigs, goats, chickens, dogs and horse.

9. Megan Fox – Pot-Bellied Pig

Megan Fox – Pot-Bellied Pig

Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood so it is surprising to know that she married with two kids and also a collector of pets. Megan has numerous dogs, birds, a squirrel and the most strangest of all her pets is her pot-bellied pig called Piggy Smalls.

8. Kim Kardashian – Chimp

Kim Kardashian – Chimp

Kim Kardashian adopted a pet chimpanzee during her show which has been criticized as an appalling publicity stunt. The 3-year-old chimp is called Suzy and still a part of the Kardashian family.

7. Paris Hilton – Kinkajou

Paris Hilton – Kinkajou

Paris Hilton’s cute Kinkajou is called Baby Luv and is an intergral part of the Paris’ life. Apart from receiving a nasty bite from the little critter back in 2006 the tow of them seem to be great friends.

6. George Clooney – Pot-Bellied Pig

George Clooney – Pot-Bellied Pig

George Clooney is another actor to have adopted a pot belly pig. The actor had the 300-lb pig named Max for 18 years until he passed away in 2006.

5. Kristen Stewart – Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Kristen Stewart – Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Kristen Stewart may have chosen a vampire over Jacob in the Twilight saga but in real life she prefers wolves. Her mother actually raises wolf-dog hybrids which may also be the reason for her choosing one as a pet.

4. Vanilla Ice – Wallaroo

Vanilla Ice – Wallaroo

Music rapper Vanilla Ice owns a Wallaroo called Bucky Buckaroo, he also has a pet billy goat named Pancho too.

3. Kirstie Alley – Lemurs

Kirstie Alley – Lemurs

Kirstie Alley has three pet Lemur’s which she loves so much they have been made beneficiaries in her will. These cute little animals are found mostly on the island of Madagascar and are nocturnal. So makes you wonder if Kirstie can only play with them at night.

2. Mike Tyson – White Bengal Tigers

Mike Tyson – White Bengal Tigers

Mike Tyson was one of the best heavyweight boxers back in the eighties and so he wanted a pet to match his personality. Tyson’s choice was three white Bengal tigers costing $70’000 each.

1. Salvador Dali – Anteater

Salvador Dali – Anteater

We had to dip back a little bit in time to tell you about this wonderfully eclectic artist and his very unusual pet.

The artist is the revered 20th Century genius Salvador Dali. He was a leading pioneer in the school of art known as surrealism and he was also extremely skilled at buoying his popularity with an eccentric and unorthodox lifestyle.

For example in the late 60’s, it wasn’t unusual for Dali to stroll down the streets of Paris with his pet anteater. How amazing is that? – check the picture above!