Top 10 Worst Ways To Break up

Top 10 Worst Ways To Break up

Erasing yourself from somebody’s life is not as simple as walking out the door.

This is absolutely true, breaking up is not easy and most people at some point of their life suffer a devastating break up.

Can you imagine how worse ending a relationship can be sometimes if you break up in such a wrong way of these 10?

10. When Drunk

This is one awkward way to break up.

If you are not happy with the relationship and want to back out of it then you have to break the news when your head is clear but not under the influence of booze.

When you’re drunk you’re not completely aware of things you say and you’re not going to remember anything the next day.

And surely it is not the right way to end things and you have to do the breaking up a little decently.

9. When you are on a Vacation

There’s nothing like breaking up while on a vacation with your partner.

To ruin what is supposed to be a fun trip is worse than one could think of. More worse is to leave the vacation with so much stress.

You can’t even run away from the situation if you break up on a vacation!

But if you are forced to break up due to the situation demanding it, then I would suggest using the vacation to get over the break up and exhilarating yourself.

8. At your Special Place

Most lovers have a special place they are fond of.

It might be the place where they first met or the restaurant where they expressed their love for each other or even a bench in a park where they used to sit and talk endlessly!

This ‘special place’ might be the one that holds the best memories of their relationship.

If you have such a place and happen to break up there then the happy memories of the place will turn into dark ones.

7. On Facebook or Twitter

Breaking up on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will have more drastic emotional consequences than you know.

You may think of it as private but breaking up on social networking sites always leaves a paper trail and remember that it can always be used against you later.

Beside this, the photos, posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and other reminders of your ex-lover may prolong your emotional pain of parting with your lover.

You’ll hurt a person more when you ditch him/her online whether on Facebook or Twitter and you become the selfish person here.

6. When the Family or Friends are around

If you make it a family affair, then you are seriously going to regret it in future!

The dumped person cannot have a normal reaction especially when your family is present. And if there is a follow-up fight, it is going to be so embarrassing.

You will make a fool out of yourself in front of your family and friends for making them witness such an awkwardly uncomfortable scene.

Would it be any good to hurt the person you were with by making this person cry in front of your family?

I think this person definitely deserves the respect not to be treated like that before your family.

It will be better not to involve your family in matters of your relationship.

Think about it, will they treat you the same after you dump your girlfriend/boyfriend before their own eyes.

5. By Ignoring

Ignoring is another worse way of ditching your lover.

If you don’t want to continue the relationship then you just have to tell that person.

Do you think ignoring them will do you any better? It may hurt less but it will have rough consequences if the person tries to figure out why you are not responding back.

And it will be no wonder if the person shows up at your work place or college and even files a missing complaint!

The best thing would be to tell him/her off that you want to break up straight away. It will be such a relief to both of you to know where you stand even though it is heart breaking!

4. On Valentine’s Day

It’s a very sad thing to break up on Valentine’s Day while other couples are celebrating their love and some of them are even making their proposals.

The worst thing is that from then on every Valentine’s Day might bring you the bad memories of your breakup ruining the special day forever in your life.

If you can, just avoid breaking up on this day. It’s not really worth it to suffer a break up on such a precious day only meant for ‘love’!

3. Not in Person

Even though it is hard, it would be better to break up face-to-face than not in person.

Leaving a voice mail saying “it’s not working between us” or texting that “it is over” are difficult to deal with than you think and will have serious impact on you.

It may be easier to break up with your partner when you don’t have to look in the eye but ending your relationship by phone, text or email is way too harsh and cowardly.

It would be very decent of you to end the relationship face-to-face rather than doing it indirectly through phone or texting.

It is somewhat okay to break up on phone in a long distance relationship.

2. In Public

It is going to be a very humiliating experience if you choose to break up in a place full of people.

Some friends might suggest dumping your partner in public so that he/she cannot do anything crazy.

But the reality is that if the person is going to get maniacal for getting dumped, he/she will do it no matter what.

Breaking up in a wedding or a restaurant or any other place with lot of people is quite embarrassing and difficult to handle.

If you are going to dump someone, better do it in private. The only instance you should dump a person in public is when you are genuinely afraid that this person is going to hurt you.

1. Getting caught while Cheating

It is a very wrong thing to cheat in the first place and more worse is getting caught doing that!

If you want to be with some other person break up with your partner first instead of breaking his/her heart later.

What you have to know is that you are not just hurting the person you are dumping but also vexing the person you are cheating with.

This will stop people from ever trusting you again. You may end up with the person you cheated with but that doesn’t justify your actions and the pain and agony you caused to your ex-partner.

It is very hard to know that you’re being cheated on from someone or to watch your lover cheating you.

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