Top Bizarre Things Available for Rent

Top Bizarre Things Available for Rent

Boyfriend won’t be the most bizarre things for rent, never.

10. Bridesmaid

A woman from China is setting up her own bridesmaid-for-hire service.

Xu Lisha, a student at the Tianjin, has already hired herself out as a bridesmaid several times and says.

With weddings becoming more and more professional, she has found a gap in the market.

She says she is looking for attractive, well-groomed girls to work for her.

9. Pilgrim

He calls himself “the payer-off of promises”.

But Portuguese computer expert Carlos Gil could just as easily go by the name of “rent-a-pilgrim.”

Mr. Gil has revived a 700-year-old tradition by hiring himself out to go on pilgrimages for those too infirm, too busy or just too lazy to go themselves.

8. Stalking Evil Clown

Dominic Deville stalks young victims for a week, sending chilling texts, making prank phone calls and setting traps in letterboxes.

He posts notes warning children they are being watched, telling them they will be attacked.

But Deville is not an escaped lunatic or some demonic monster.

He is a birthday treat, hired by mum and dad, and the ‘attack’ involves being splatted in the face with a cake.

7. Celebrity Paparazzi

You’ve read the magazines, watched the shows and bought the jeans with the sunglasses to boot.

Or, maybe you have a friend that deserves some extra attention on their special night.

Celeb4aday is a website that allows the general public to rent paparazzi.

They would make you live like a celebrity for a day and feel the star treatment.

6. Fem Robot

Actroid DER2 Fembot is a realistic android that you can rent at a price of $3,500 for 5 Days.

The feminine robot features lifelike silicon skin and can deliver natural expressions.

Its limbs, torso and facial expressions are controlled by a system of actuators powered by pneumatic pressure.

She can even choreograph her motions and gestures with her voice.

She also comes in a nurse’s outfit or dressed like a french maid…. Freaked out yet?

5. Cow

A farmer in Switzerland is milking his cows for all they are worth – by offering them out for hire.

Albert Breitenmoser will rent out Maxime, Wanda and Lynn from his herd for £80 a month.

This entitles customers to visit the cow, milk it and receive a souvenir picture.

4. Friend

Need a friend? Now you can rent one.

Rentafriend offers someone to hangout with for the shy, busy or lonely.

Jennifer Morrison is one of those rent-a-friends.

However, she says there’s no funny business between clients and friends.

Her clients have included a bored grandmother who wanted to go to a movie, a stay-at-home mom who wanted to do scrapbooking, and a shy computer programmer wanting to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame.

3. Theater for gaming

Want a bachelor party option that is cheaper than strippers but will still leave your friends gawking wide-eyed?

Cineplex Entertainment offers their idle theatres for rent by gamers.

At $179 for two hours, up to 12 people can have a theatre to themselves with an Xbox 360 hooked up to the theatre screen.

These gaming sessions are slightly more expensive than seeing a movie in the same theatre, and significantly more expensive than gaming in your apartment.

2. Designer Bag with a Nintendo DS

From Bags To Riches is a fairly clever little website that allows women to rent designer bags.

Rather than pay thousands for a bag, you can pay a fraction to have the bag to yourself for a month.

Understandable for the fashion-conscious, but here’s where it gets odd.

In 2008, Nintendo had struck a deal with From Bags To Riches to package a DS along with select bags, which you would get as a part of your rental period.

1. Pregnant Belly

In 2007 Jennifer Gordon rented out her pregnant belly.

The “die hard” football fan was offering her nearly nine-months pregnant belly space for advertisers to paint.

She would showcase it at the Super Bowl national football championship in Miami that year.

All she wanted in exchange was two tickets to the game.