Totally Vicious, Angry, Feral Wolves In The Wild…They’re Adorable!

Totally Vicious, Angry, Feral Wolves In The Wild…They’re Adorable!

While we don’t recommend having one in your home, for obvious reasons, there is an adorable world of wolves out there just waiting to be embraced with sweet, cuddly affection!

Sanctuaries across the country offer visitors the once-in-a-lifetime chance of experiencing just how kind these so-called “vicious” creatures can truly be. After looking at just a handful of precious pics around the web, I couldn’t help myself from figuring out a way to visit one! Just try and stop yourself from doing the same by the time you reach the end…

1. “No really guys, where’d my ball go?”

2. “Oof, you use way too much gel, man.”

3. He really puts the “aw” in “awoooo!”

4. “You are the funniest human I’ve ever met!”

5. “Wanna know a secret? Psych, have a smooch!”

6. “Got any more beef jerky?”

7. This is what she gets for using hamburger scented moisturizer.

8. In this battle of cuteness, everyone wins.

9. “There, there, buddy. You’ll find a new wolf babe in no time.”

10. The day he learned how thirsty rolling around in the mud can make a pup.

11. “Thanks for helping me finally catch this guy! He’s been following me for MONTHS!”

12. “YUM. I love it when you have steak burritos for lunch!”

13. Too much cuddly cuteness. Cannot compute.

14. He’ll steal your girlfriend if you’re not careful.

15. He’ll never forget his first date.

16. “Dude, you don’t have to act tough. They have treats!”

17. “C’mere, yoouuu.”

18. “Hi! Are you my new best friend?”

19. Living at this level of adorable is always exhausting.

20. “Ooh, you’re wearing my favorite lip gloss!”

21. He’s always surrounded by lovely ladies.

22. It’s important to find a best friend with a comfortable lap, of course.

23. “I told you, Mom, I’m a vegetarian now!”

24. And that’s how she became the third wheel on her own date.

25. “What? I’m just a lil’ puppy.”

So, when are you planning your trip? Maybe we can synchronize our schedules and see these sweet, fuzzy faces at the same time! Better hurry up, though. I definitely won’t be able to wait long.