Viral shooting video prompts increased security at Greenspoint apartment complex

Viral shooting video prompts increased security at Greenspoint apartment complex


It’s a video that has gone viral with more than 120,000 views on websites like LiveLeak and YouTube.  It shows a fight at a Greenspoint apartment complex that ended in gunfire with a number or adults, teens and children just feet away.

“They (were) shooting and it was little kids out here,” said resident Shaundra Nard, who witnessed the altercation and shooting. “Anybody could’ve got hit. Bullets don’t have no names.”

In the cellphone video recorded Tuesday afternoon at the Cranbrook Downs Apartments on Ella Boulevard near Ella and Kuykendahl, a red car drives off after an altercation. A young lady falls out of the backseat of the departing care, and then two gunshots are heard.  People in the crowd run and a man stuffing what appears to be a gun in his pants also walks away.

“The shooting and the fighting and all that is just too much for me,” said Bobbie Ross, who’s lived in the neighborhood for three years but has plans to move soon.

Investigators at Precinct 4 of the Harris County Constable say this is the fourth report of shots fired at the complex in just two weeks. Ross is one of the residents who is fed up.

“It’s like you’re being held hostage in your own home. Like, you’re scared to come outside,” she said. “If you do come outside you’d rather be leaving, not just standing outside enjoying the sun.”

People are most concerned about the many innocent young children who live and play here and have to call it home.

“Anytime you have guns and folks shooting them in public places that’s reckless conduct,” said Assistant Chief Mark Herman of the 4th Precinct. “We have no problem putting people in jail for that.”

Investigators say they will be viewing the video that has gone viral to try to identify  suspects and make arrests.