Ways To Use Chocolate Chips You Never Even Considered…

Ways To Use Chocolate Chips You Never Even Considered…

The sweet tiny morsels have more uses than you’d think.

1. Sprinkle them on apple slices.

Make a healthy snack of apple slices with nuts, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

2. Make a DIY face mask.

Recipe via Dying for Chocolate.

Use chocolate on your face in a refreshing and sweet mask.

3. Make pudding pops a little better.

Put chocolate chips and graham crackers at the bottom of a cup and fill it with cheesecake-flavored pudding. Freeze and enjoy!

4. Make a natural hair treatment.

Mix melted dark chocolate chips with water and apply it to your hair before showering, then rinse it out and wash as normal for super silky hair.

5. Add them to a smoothie.

Add yogurt, bananas and coconut milk for the perfect mix.

6. Use it as body paint.

An easy, yummy good time.

7. Make matcha and white chocolate cookies.

8. Add them to your chili.

Recipe via The Stir.

Add this sweet addition to your favorite spicy dish.

9. Make bacon and chocolate chip cookies.

Recipe via Cooking Channel TV

Get these perfect bites of sweet and salty.

10. Sprinkle them on cakes.

You can use chocolate chips to add crunch to a cake or use them to decorate a cake.

11. Use them as eyes on a snowman.

They’re work on a real snowman or an ice cream snow man.

12. Add them to trail mix.

It’s not as good without it.

13. Fondue

Melt it down and dip fruit or marshmallows into it.