Weird Nudity Laws You’d Never Know Were Real

Weird Nudity Laws You’d Never Know Were Real

You know it’s not acceptable to drop trou in public.

But did you know that in Singapore you can’t be naked in your own home?! You didn’t, did you? Well, here are 8 of the more outlandish ones around the world.

1. Hiking shorts can be so restrictive – Los Angeles, USA

Experience nature au naturel in LA, where people are free to go hiking butt-naked. Who knew?

2. You can go streaking on Bourbon Street – Louisiana, USA

Streaking is totally cool in the Bayou, as long as you’re not being too sexy about it. And by sexy, they mean running around naked with “lascivious intent.”

3. Don’t think about getting naked in your home – Singapore

Wandering around the house – your house, under your roof – in the buff is considered pornography in Singapore. Worse yet, police officers are allowed to enter your place to slap you with a three-month jail term or up to $2,000 in fines.

4. Underboob is highly illegal – Cleveland, USA

Even the smallest sliver of underboob is considered nudity in Cleveland, and thus, obscene. So don’t expect any Kate Upton photoshoots from the the banks of Lake Erie any time soon.

5. Topless in New York City – New York City, USA

Yep, it’s totally cool for the ladies of NYC to bare their breasts in public, just as long as it’s not for “business” purposes.

6. Again, with the naked in your own home thing – Villahermosa, Mexico

Like Singapore, there’s also a zero tolerance nudity policy in Villahermosa. The penalty, however, is a little lighter – up to 36 hours in jail, or a fine of $121.

7. Dance topless in Tampa, but with your top on – Tampa, USA

In a hilariously worded law that clearly contradicts itself, strippers in Tampa may not expose their boobs while giving a “topless” dance and while in the presence of alcohol.

8. An Urban Naked Zone for a reason – Munich, Germany

Germans in Munich combined their love of both nudity and order last year by creating six designated zones specifically for public nudity.